About Flash memory card defragmentation

About Flash memory card defragmentation

All the relevant information about flash memory card defragment, facts explained and myths exposed for data memory sticks of mobile devices.

Flash Memory Card
A memory card or flash memory card is a solid state electronic flash memory data storage device capable of storing digital contents of any type in a standard file system applicable to the memory card. The best feature of these memory cards are its compactness, no moving part and the large storage capacity in small size. They are primarily used with digital cameras, handheld and mobile computers, music players, mobile phones, video game consoles, digital cinematography cameras and other electronics products which require memory storage or have an added functionality for memory storing. For high re record ability, power free storage, and small factor ( which keeps on getting smaller every day) memory cards are at the peak of usage.

Various types of memory cards available in the market are as follows

Compact Flash Memory Card : Compact Flash Memory Card
Memory Stick : Memory Stick
Multi Media Card ( MMC ) : Multi Media Card ( MMC )
Secure Digital Card ( SD card ) : Secure Digital Card ( SD card )
Mini SD card : Mini SD card
Smart Media Memory : Smart Media Memory
xD picture Card : xD picture Card

Memory Defragmentation
A lot of memory gets written and deleted on a memory card. The life cycle of a memory card is dependent upon the number of data re-writes. There are many myths and facts surrounding optimum use of data memory sticks such that the system remains at its optimal performance. Many a times a myth comes up suggesting constant defragmentation of the memory card, Even while defragmenting a flash memory card may prove system performance for short while it will decrease the life span of memory card and sometimes end up having the memory card corrupted or unreadable. About defragmenting - it undertakes a lot of data read and write processes which lower the working cycle life of a memory card. The most reliable information present is that memory cards do require a defragmentation but not on regular basis, defragmenting the flash memory once in six months for a memory card with heavy usage is fine but anything more about that is very unproductive. Flash memory cards are physically different from hard disks which have a moving component. Flash memory is independent of all the data storage systems found in hard disks. Requesting Information Data on a memory card does not involve any mechanical process hence the defragmentation is of little or no use. The best way to get optimum performance from memory sticks is to take a card backup on PC, format it and then write it back on card just once when there is too much of data delete or modification. Defrag should not be given much priority for flash memories.

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Myths and facts about defragmenting a flash based memory card.

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