About Samsung mobile phones

About Samsung mobile phones

About the Samsung Mobile market performance, affordability and technology including operating Android based Samsung smartphone.

Samsung Mobile
Based in South Korea, the Samsung group is one of the biggest multinational conglomerate corporation. The Korean technology advancement can well be seen in their products - specifically the cellphone segment. Samsung Telecommunications which manufactures mobile phones of a low-end as well as high end sophisticated smartphones is one mobile industry game changer. This article covers up the various aspects associated with Samsung Mobile Phone.

Samsung CellPhone
Starting with CDMA network based phones in 1996, Samsung Mobile was able to capture number one position in the said market within 3 years. In 1999, Samsung secured the number one position in the worldwide CDMA market where it accounted for more than 50 percent of market share. Known as a low-end mobile manufacturer, Samsung Mobile did not gain success in the GSM market category for a long time. As a revamp against it low-end image, Samsung started manufacturing mobiles with sophisticated designs and distinguished functionality. The change paid off and today Samsung Mobile stands as one of the top three Global Mobile manufacturer including a podium position in the American Mobile Market.

Samsung Android
Samsung Mobile has been one of the biggest pioneers for Android Mobile Operating System, inculcating it in their maximum high-end specification phone models. Their wholesome adoption of the Android OS paid off their market capture efforts and today (2011) Samsung stands as the third biggest mobile phone seller in America. Samsung phones have been a hit in Europe, Asia and African continent too. While Samsung may have tasted unprecedented success in smartphone market, it still produces affordable phones for general masses.

Samsung Mobile Technology
The technology used in Samsung mobiles is of a top level nature, making the phone a highly desirable one. One beautiful aspect of Samsung mobiles is that they are available in many price-ranges, colors and styles. If one compares Samsung mobile of a certain hardware specification along with a mobile from a different manufacturer of the same specification, it can be noticed that the Samsung mobile is considerably cheaper than its counterpart. It not that Samsung does not invest much in Research and development or it sells mobile phones at loss making rates, but its about the low profit margin that Samsung can afford.

Samsung Bada
Apart from riding upon the Android craze wave, Samsung has ingeniously developed a mobile operating system by itself. Known as BADA OS, it has been hailed as one of the best Mobile Operating System, in the league of iOS and Android by technology bloggers. Samsungs efforts continuing with the mobile revolution and providing great competition to orthodox mobile manufacturers has been a great news for end-consumers. A Samsung SmartPhone is considered equally best when compared to smartphones from other mobile phone manufacturers like Nokia and BlackBerry. Samsung has now joined the bandwagon of tablet manufacturers giving a tough and much needed competition to its peers. Samsung Mobile is truly a mobile innovator.

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Samsung Mobile Phones - Affordable cellphones with variety and great technology support.

Poster: pachi
It appears as though you are marketing for Samsung. I hate Samsung. They are technology thieves. Most of their products I bought ended up been JUNK. You cannot use a device longer to 12 months and have to go back to bargain a new one, this way they keep their sales up i guess.

Poster: Darkwap Admin
You are right, the build quality of Samsung mobiles is not exactly made for a long term use. The same can be said about iPhone, HTC and other such vanity mobiles. What is important here is that Samsung lets you enjoy high priced vanity phones technology at a considerably lower price. Samsung is considered as a good brand hence people do not look at Samsung users as typical china phone users. This is where the branding comes. In total its not such a bad phone.

Poster: William Mwedzi
@ Pachi\'s comment: it sounds as if u used to buy second hand samsung cell phones, u buy sumsung not SAMSUNG or buying shanzhai phones. Buy a new SAMSUNG it last, l\'ve been using mine since 2007 it\'s still good looking and kiking or it depends on how careless u r to your phone, buy a new one and enjoy it you will tell me.

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