Airtel new mp3 tune free download and logo look

Airtel new mp3 tune free download and logo look

Free A R Rahman Latest tune for Airtel, download the new mp3 ringtone on your mobile. The best music ever given to any mobile network tune.

Airtel New Global Logo
Airtel recently changed its logo, from the old bland simplistic logo to a brand new swanky cool logo. With the change in logo, it has changed even its perspective towards technology and youth, the catchy logo is already setting the gossip buzzes on. Provision of better mobile telephony and more services can be well linked with the peppy and hot yet still a cool logo. Airtel as clearly changed its image in the market. But more than its logo, something else has actually become the the main talk of the town. You guessed it right,its the latest Airtel tune which has already gotten stars like Sharukh Khan impressed.

The new Airtel ringtone is based on the innovation capabilities of Airtel, its leap in better technology and its ever strong connection with the youth. The latest ringtone in offering also has all the necessary ingredients of becoming a global hit. To add more happiness to this celebration, Airtel is offering the new ringtone for free just like the old jingle ringtone. The tone is viral as its super cool and light on ears. Likewise the other free previous ringtone, this new tune too has been composed by the legendary music maestro A. R. Rahman, who now has a Grammy and even an Oscar in his kitty. Considered one of the best musician ever, he truly lives unto his mark by producing an excellent ringtone specially for Airtel.

You can download the ringtone for free from the following links. We have added both the tones, i.e. the old free ringtone as well as the latest free ringtone. Both ringtones are free of cost and are provided in mp3 format which is almost a standard format these days. The links for download are:

Download Old Airtel Flute Jingle ringtone
This is the first masterpiece created by A R Rahman for Airtel, you can download it for free and add it in your collection.

Download New Airtel Ringtone
The latest mp3 ringtone that is making all the news. Download it for free without paying a penny.

The above given downloads are free of cost, however data transfer rates may apply. The size of each download is 462 kb and 476 kb respectively. The first tune is a flute tune, and is more than 50 seconds in length, while the next and latest tune is a 30 second ringtone. Both the free ringtones are in mp3 format which is a standard supported format these days in every media enabled mobile phone, also it should be noted that the ringtones are official and are trademarked by Airtel. The new free ringtone is the best music ever provided for any mobile network.

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Download free Airtel official free ringtone on your mobile

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Hi frnds, I\'m Manikandan, am using aetril n aetril trick from the last two years. I am familiar almost all the aetril trick.yesterday my friend bought a new mobile(samsung duos ****). I don\'t know the exact model no,although i could\'nt setting up aetril tricks to him.problem is the none applns (like opera,uc) work with the MO setting when open the browser n ask network access when i pressk ok within 3 sec it shows unable to connect internet\' where net logo E\' or G\' symbol is con
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