Android Tips and Tricks

Android Tips and Tricks

Android Operating System mobile phone Tips and Tricks for easy interoperability, working, usage and interaction with regard to all mobile features

Android OS is one of the most popular mobile operating systems in the world. In last 2 years, Android has improved a lot, and they made history once again by launching Android 2.3. Many of you Android users may know about some Android tips and tricks, but if someone don’t know and looking for some tips and tricks for their Android device, then don’t worry because Google has posted some awesome Android tips and tricks on their official blog. Most of the tips and tricks are only applicable on Android 2.3, so if you just bought a Nexus S then it’s your lucky day. Check out the tips and tricks below:

Visual cue for scrolling: When you are in a scrollable list (like your Gmail inbox) and you reach the end of the list it shows an orange hue—a visual cue that you can’t scroll anymore.
Notification bar icons (Wi-Fi, network coverage bars, etc.): Turn green when you have an uninhibited connection to Google, white when you don’t. Hint: if you’re in a hotel or airport using Wi-Fi, the bars won’t turn green until you launch the browser and get past the captive portal.
Voice actions: Tell your phone what to do by pressing the microphone icon next to the search box on the home screen, or long press the magnifying glass. You can tell it to send an email or text message (“send text to mom, see you for pizza at 7”), call someone (“call mom”), navigate somewhere (“navigate to pizza”), or listen to music (“listen to Mamma Mia”).
Find things you’ve downloaded from your browser: Your downloads are now neatly collected in a Downloads manager, which you can find in the apps drawer.
Turn a Gallery stack into a slideshow: In Gallery, when you are looking at a stack of photos, put two fingers on the stack and spread them. The stack spreads out and the pictures flow from one finger to the other, a moving slideshow that lets you see all of the photos.
Walk, don’t drive: Once you’ve gotten directions within Google Maps, click on the walking person icon to get walking directions.
Easy text copy/paste from a webpage: To copy/paste from a webpage, long press some text, drag the handles around to select the text you want to copy, and press somewhere in the highlighted region. To paste, simply long press a text entry box and select paste. Gmail is a bit different: you need to go to Menu > More > Select Text.
Turn your phone into a Wi-Fi hotspot: Go to Settings > Wireless & Networks > Tethering & Portable Hotspot. (You may have to pay extra for this feature.)
Look at Maps in 3D: With the latest release of Google Maps, you can now look at 3D maps. Tilt the map by sliding two fingers vertically up/down the screen, and rotate it by placing two fingers on the map and sliding in a circular motion, e.g., from 12 and 6 o’clock to 3 and 9.
Cool shutdown effect: When you put the phone to sleep, you’ll see an animation that resembles an old cathode tube TV turning off.

Keyboard tricks:
Shift+Key to capitalize a word: In Gingerbread (and supported hardware), you can Shift+Key to capitalize a letter instead of going to a separate all caps keyboard.
Auto-complete: The space bar lights up when auto-complete can finish a word.
Quick replace: Tap on any previously typed word, then tap on a suggestion to automatically replace it with the suggested word.
Easy access to special characters (like numbers, punctuation): Press and hold any key to go to the special character keyboard. You can also press and hold the “,” key for an extensive punctuation keyboard.

The above Tips and Tricks have been noted down for you, so that you can have the very best of usability experience with an Android based mobile phone. Android cell phones are anyways designed to give the best usability, easy interaction interface and mobility service. These Android Tips and Tricks are just an icing on a cake. Enjoy with your Android and have FUN

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Android Operating System mobile phone Tips and Tricks

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Thank you for the Android tips and tricks, i was looking for them everywhere on web. Your Android tips were very useful, as now I can complete most of my tasks with an ease. Keep on making more posts about these tips and tricks.
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