Best mobile Operating System

Best mobile Operating System

Evaluation of all mobile operating systems to determine the best OS for usage. Discussion on all major mobile Operating Systems like Apple iOS, Google Android, Blackberry OS, Symbian and Microsoft Windows mobile OS.

Nokia and Microsoft have joined hands, Google seems determined to take away the numero uno position, Apple is trying out all the tricks in its magical pouch to impress user into either upgrading his Operating system or buying a new phone. The war for the position of best mobile operating system has already begun and the stakes are high too.

Prior to the smartphone revolution, Nokia and RIM enjoyed a huge success in terms of sales of non-smart phones. But things started changing after Apple joined in this market with its iPhone offering. The iPhone was a runaway success. Its success rate had been so high that Apple went short on supply and high on demand. The User Selling Point (USP) of iPhone was its ease of use.

Soon celebrities took a liking for the iPhone and it was the most wanted mobile phone on planet earth. The success of Apple iPhone was a wake up call for all technology giants which had not jumped into the mobile market till then. Presently Apple mobile operating system is getting a tough competition from Google s Android Operating system. RIM has also ramped up its BlackBerry Operating System and a three way turf war is in session. Nokia hopes to join the big trio with a strategic alliance with Microsoft mobile OS.

In order to determine the best mobile operating system for you, we need to evaluate each Operating system individually so that you get the clear picture about which one is the best and which is the worst for you. The following is the evaluation of each Mobile based operating system.

Apple iOS: Ease of use, abundance of add-on apps and great manufacturer support. Apple iOS is currently the most used iOS in USA and Europe. The iOS popularity has been increasing in developing nations too. Its pinch and point navigation features have been hot favorites among its users. Even in the absence of a navigation keypad the mobile operating system functions well. Alas all the navigation systems of Apple cannot be replicated on other phones as Apple was smart to copyright its user interface. In the absence of iOS user interface functionality in other operating systems, consumers are left with no choice but to buy an iPhone. While iOS boasts of millions of apps in its App Store, the pricing of these apps has been very high, as a result, iOS becomes a costly affair. Absence of upload feature in its web browser makes this iOS hated among few web patrons as they are unable to upload photos and videos. While iOS has been great OS, Apple products are sometimes limited by its hardware capabilities like camera resolution, memory size etc. Apple iOS is best suited for people who love vanity devices. It is an eye candy even in its software form. Productivity issues still bog down Apple iOS. If all you care is playing around a bit with your phone then iOS is for you, else life for you would be a very frustrated affair.

Google Android OS (variants): Google had envisioned a Mobile Operating system long time back, for this it had set up many research labs, the end result thus has been Android OS. Google Android is an Open Source platform. Developers around the world are free to develop for this operating system without worries of copyright issues. By making the Operating system as Open Source Google opened its doors to immense possibilities of development. Given a robust architecture to develop upon, the Android OS was a huge success. On launch of an App Store, the OS got flooded with thousands of applications from developers. Productivity, multi-tasking, efficiency, usability, easy navigation etc everything has been taken well care of by the developers and Google. An android based phone is like a Swiss army knife, which can do many things. Since the headache of software side development was taken care by Google, mobile manufacturers focused more on developing robust hard ware features phones. The end result was an unbelievable combination of computing power and features. The side effect however that was, a lot of Android OS variants came into existence. While the apps are compatible with each variants, yet still the Operating System installed differed from one model to another and one manufacturer to another. Recently there has been an emergence of viruses, malicious programs against Android OS. The flexibility of Android Operating system has been a boon as well as a headache for developers. Cumulatively Android mobile operating system is the best mobile operating system out there.

Blackberry 6 OS: Blackberry phones manufactured by RIM i.e. Reliance in Motion, have had a dedicated following for a long time. This following stems from the push mail and blackberry messenger service provided by RIM. Earlier these two feature used to be enough for RIM to make a sale, but these days they seem insufficient. Bad web browser and equally scarce app support were two lessons that RIM had to learn from and rectify its past mistakes. Blackberry 6 operating system is an effort by RIM to push its sales in the right direction. The new mobile operating system from Blackberry is much akin to the now discontinued Symbian Operating system of Nokia. Many mobile industry experts feel that Nokia s move to disband development of Symbian Operating system will help RIM to gain market share, this however remains to be proved. Blackberry 6 OS is not an extraordinary mobile operating system, nor is it bad enough to be ignored. People interested in a simple to use mobile operating system will be patrons for this new mobile operating system. How it fares well in the future, it remains to be seen. Blackberry App Store now has a decent number of Apps to its credit and hence the Operating system holds some future.

Nokia Symbian: Symbian Foundation had been setup with the combined efforts of many companies like Nokia, Ericsson, Microsoft etc, but till date only Nokia has made a maximum use of its intellectual resources. Sony Ericsson did employ Symbian OS in few of its mobile sets and it witnessed a considerable success rate too but not of the level of Nokia. Symbian OS was available for commercial application from OS 6 to OS 9.x after which the OS was discontinued from being supported. Nokia has currently forged an alliance with Microsoft and a deal has been signed in this regard to develop future Nokia phones with Windows mobile operating system as its back-end. This move by Nokia has killed all chances of Symbian from being revived.

Microsoft Windows Mobile OS: Microsoft windows mobile OS 7 hit the market with a bang and soon disappeared from the scene. Its reception was similar to what happened with its Bing Search Engine. While Bing may have made inroads towards end consumers with partnerships with Facebook and Yahoo, the fruitfulness of a deal and partnership with Nokia remains to be seen. We are hoping that the two experienced Technology enterprises will bring out a product that will revolutionize out mobile communication systems. It is highly unlikely that OS 7 would be installed in new Nokia phones, rather a new and better mobile operating system will be developed for this purpose.

In the end it is the Google Android Operating system which gets crowed as the best mobile operating system. It has potential, it has possibilities and most importantly it is backed by Google.

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