Best mobile features

Best mobile features

The features to look out for in every mobile phone. A capability and capacity lowdown that makes a mobile phone best in nature. Talk about mobile features and specifications to select the best features mobile phone.

When you buy a phone, you buy it with certain requirements in your mind. Features like Camera capability, availability of LED flash, Screen type (touch based or normal), Keypad type (qwerty or normal), body form factor (sliding, clampshell, folding or normal), colour range, storage capacity, battery capacity, software type, apps available, FM recording ability, network connectivity and other hardware based features like GPS, Accelerometer etc. While buying a phone each of these features are researched upon and only then a selection choice is made. This article will highlight the best and the worst regarding these features.

Network Capability: This was not the main feature to look out earlier while buying a phone, but these days it has gained a lot of Importance. Mobile network operators are providing 3G connectivity. Even third world countries like India, Nigeria, Egypt, Sri Lanka, Indonesia and Philippines have 3G based mobile networks operating in their cities. 3G super fast connectivity is already dominant in USA, Europe, South Africa, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan and other develop regions. 4G is in testing phase and might soon come become acceptable all-over the world. The time required for a new technology phase to start has shrunk by many decades. Newer technologies are making headways into our daily life at an unbelievable speed. It becomes convincingly important to invest money intoa phone which atleast has 3G network compatibility. The cost of a 3G network compatible cell phone is higher than the normal 2G based phone with same features.

Shape Form and operations factor: Touch Screen phones a fun to use but they are quite an irritating object when one has to type long mails on them. With mobile Internet speeds getting better everyday, people try to communicate a lot via mobile texting systems like SMS, MMS, E-mail, Virtual chat etc. Hence a mobile phone needs to have a touch screen as well as be equipped with a qwerty keypad. This combination adds real productive value to the phone, however this combination also causes a slight increase in the communication device size. It would take some more time before cell phones employing both touchscreen and qwerty features become slim or thin.

Camera Functionality: A camera is a must have asset for a mobile phone. Phones with front side cameras allows for video call and video conferencing while in a 3G network. Mobile Phones also need to have powerful back cameras to capture important moments of life either in a photographic or video graphic format. The phone should all be equipped with an LED flash so that the cell phone does not seem useless in dark conditions. A 3 MP or more photo resolution capability is the norm for mobile phone cameras these days.

Hardware Capabilities: Nowadays cell phones come with a lot more hardware enhancements which are cleverly camouflaged inside the mobile casing. Mobiles these days have GPS capabilities, a service which the military uses for navigation, location and direction detection. Apart from GPS, mobiles have motion sensors too which measure its movement, altitude, flipping or plain transitory motion. Hardware features like mobile gyroscope and accelerometer make many things possible for mobile phones. Apart from hardware enhancements the mobile processing power, its memory RAM and storage capacity is also an important capacity framework to consider.

Mobile Operating Systems: Operating systems have become an important thing to consider while buying a mobile phone. A huge competition is going on between Google Android, Apple iOS, Blackberry OS and Microsoft-Nokia Windows. The casualty of this Operating system war has already been the MeeGo Operating system flaunted by Nokia. When Nokia found out that it could not match up with Android and iOS, it dropped MeeGo and forged a partnership with Microsoft. The Operating System by itself does not add value to the phone but rather its AppStore which does it. Choose a mobile according to your favourite choice of Operating System and available applications for the OS.

The above are the best mobile features which you will have to lookout for while buying a mobile phone. The one thing which was missed in this article was budget allocation. Do not forget to consider it before diving into the available range of phones. We sincerely hope that you do not end up buying a vanity phone but rather a productive one, a phone that will add value to your life through the above mentioned best features.

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Essential guide to buy a best mobile features phone. Talk regarding capacity and capability of different mobile operation systems that will help in buying the best mobile phone.

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