Bolt Browser download for mobile phone

Bolt Browser download for mobile phone

Free mobile browser from Bitstream that enables faster web page loads and downloads. Java based cell phone browser with many features and highly efficient for web browsing needs.

Another J2ME i.e. Java Mobile Edition browser is up in the league of the best generic mobile browsers league, and this browser is called Bolt Browser. This browser borrows its name from the shear speed of lightning, which many a times is referred as Bolt. The best part about this browser is that, it lives up-to its reputation of being lightning fast.

BOLT is an over-the-air downloadable browser that offers an uncompromising browsing experience on phones of all types ranging from smartphones to feature phones to lower-end mobile phones. Built on a WebKit based cloud-computing architecture, BOLT enables advanced PC-Style internet functionality on mobile devices through its efficient use of on-device resources.

From extreme standards compliance to performance and innovation, the BOLT mobile browser comes loaded with a plethora of usability and innovative features that make using the mobile internet even more easy on feature phones and smart phones, thereby driving increased usage and uptake.

The key features of this browser are:
* BOLTs cloud-based super efficient data compression technology is built ground up for mobile devices. BOLTs compression is nearly 1.5-2x better than the nearest competitor.
* BOLT is the only browser in its category that is built on Webkit based platform. Webkit is the layout engine that is also behind the Safari (iphone), Chrome (Android) and many of the other Smartphone browsers.
* The BOLT browser supports the HTML5 web standard, and scores an impressive perfect 100/100 score on the Acid3 Web standards test used to assess browser compatibility with a wide range of web standards.
* Desktop style layout: In addition to best-of-breed page load speeds, BOLT provides superior rendering of complex pages and web applications in its class. Web content is never reformatted, re-purposed, or removed. Full desktop style pages can be viewed with capability to easily switch between multiple sites using the browsers tabbed features.
* BOLT is the only J2ME browser that is able to play streaming flash or HTML5 videos from sites like Youtube, Facebook, MTV.
* The BOLT browser comes tightly integrated with social media applications like Facebook and Twitter. A Gallery of Widgets is also available for popular websites like Facebook and Twitter.
* Feature Rich Web browsing: The usability features of BOLT greatly aid transition of desktop style habits to handheld devices. Examples of such features include Download Manger, RSS subscriptions, click-to-call phone numbers, Keypad shortcuts and many others.

If you love the browsing experience which you might have felt while using an Apple iPhone then you can re-live it using Bolt browser. The browser is free, uses transcoders and saves money for you with data transfer. If you have not tried it yet then its high time that you do try. We have laid down download links for downloading bolt browser for your phone, for free.

BOLT Full Java Me Version 2.5 download links:
Dual Signed Version Download:Download
VeriSign Signed Version: Download
Thawte Signed Version: Download
Unsigned lite Version: Download

BOLT Lite Java Me Version 2.5 download links:
Dual Signed Version: Download
VeriSign Signed Version: Download
Thawte Signed Version: Download
Unsigned lite Version: Download

BOLT BlackBerry Version 2.5 download links:
BlackBerry: Download

Bolt browser is in direct competition with UCWeb and Opera Mini in this software / application segment of free mobile phone browsers.

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A feature packed mobile browser to browse internet on cell phone. WebKit based browser to enjoy surfing similar to Apple iPhone. Smart browser with smart browsing capability.

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