Camera mobile phone selection talk

Camera mobile phone selection talk

Few tips for selection of mobile phone according to camera based capabilities, hardware and performances. A guide to select the most suitable mobile camera phone for an avid photographer.

These days the mobile market is flooded with so many mobile phones that it has become very difficult to choose the best phone. The competition between the big manufacturers has reached new levels, thus new bonds and relationships are being forged for mobile future development. It started with android being open source, later continues by a strategic signing of deal between Microsoft and Nokia. Apple itself is leaving no stone unturned in development of next gen mobile handsets. Shaken by this new level of competition RIM i.e. makers of BlackBerry too have jumped in this foray. As fpr now it the consumer who is winning with unbelievable price falls and a better range of products to choose from. Under all this chaos, its become very difficult to select a proper phone, especially when a new phone hits the market almost every other day. Now the question arises, what should a mobile camera user do to get the best camera mobile in a given budget? We at darkwap will help you select the best suited camera mobile phone for you.

Before we start with our camera mobile talk, which would help you with phone selection, we would like to tell the reader that better camera mobile phones are launched almost everyday hence we cannot compare the model numbers. The following talk is only based on generic things which a mobile camera enthusiast should look up for in a mobile phone while selecting one. This advice would be long term relevant and will make the choice easier for you to make.

Camera Megapixel Resolution: 3.2 MP (MegaPixel) cameras have become a standard addition for a mobile phone. 8 MP and above camera cell phones too have been launched in the market. 8MP is quite a suitable resolution for an avid photographer but the camera may not live upto the expectations of delivering a fine photo. There are various things that become a hurdle in clicking a perfect photo, the primary being , the phone non-adaptability to shakiness. As a result, not only photos but even videos get distorted.

Flash power: A mobile phone camera user would want to click photos at night, for this he would need powerful flash. The current ranges of mobiles have LED flash added to them. These flash systems require capacity generation of quite an amount of battery power to work. If a mobile photographer wants to take loads of pictures in the dark then the battery power should also be considered.

Mobile Stability: A mobile phone in hand is subjected to many disturbances. Sometimes its size becomes a reason for a person to not hold it properly and result into a blurred photo taken. After considering the range of MegaPixel most suitable for photography needs, one should inspect the mobile form factor. Availability of shutter or lens covers should be noted down, as no photographer would want his / her camera have scratched on the lens. For similar reasons with regard to dirt, the phone camera should be looked closer for any edges or interfaces which will lead to accumulation of dust or dirt. Arrangement for addition and fitting of a tripod stand should also be considered.

Image pre-processing and post-processing: Many a times you would find that a photo taken by a camera of lesser resolution is more crisp and better presented than a photo taken by a considerably higher resolution camera. The mystery of this discrimination lies in the ability of the camera cell phone to pre-process and post-process the image. Pre-processing involves helping the photographer select the best possible photo moment or angle, this involves works of a lot many light based processing algorithms which get executed courtesy to the processor power of the phone. Post-Processing involves the acceptable adjustments made or suggested by the camera mobile with regard to the photo taken. Even these adjustment postulations require application of computational algorithms. If the pic resolution is high, it would require higher amount of processing power. Thus, processor capability of the cell phone should also be kept into mind.

Storage Capacity: When you buy a 8 MP capability camera, then you end up clicking photos with it whose sizes range from few MegaBytes to many more. These pics take up space on your memory drive. If you are interested in clicking loads of pics or storing few thousand pics on mobile memory then you ought to consider a phone with higher memory capabilities. The mobile phone should not only have huge storage capacity but its RAM should also be proportionately large. If you do not want your phone to hang or shutdown during your photography or video shooting session then you would highly consider this faucet.

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A brief talk on selection of the best camera based cell phone for a photographer. A thorough guide on selecting proper camera phone according to required needs.

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