Cell Phone Facts

Cell Phone Facts

All the facts about cell phone usage. Interesting stuff about mobile phones. Listing of all potential effects against the use of cellphones.

You must have got a cell phone to use right when you were a teenager. Your parents must ave warned you against getting over addicted to your mobile phone. But did they tell you few scientific facts about this mobile communicator device? If not then this is the best time for you to read about them. Interesting stuff that you may find amusing or even disturbing, but it all is a fact, hence its best to read it from hereon.

- An estimated 250 to 300 million cell phones are being used in the U.S.
- The average American cell phone user owns three or more expired cell phones.
- The average US consumer only uses their current cell phone for 12 to 18 months.
- Over 70% of Americans do not know that they can recycle their old cell phone.
- In a recent survey, only 2.3 percent of Americans recycled their old cell phones and 7 percent threw them in the garbage.
- Cell phones contain precious metals such as gold and silver.
- A total of 500 million cell phones weighing an estimated 250,000 tons are currently stockpiled and awaiting disposal.
- Cell phones contain numerous substances that need to be disposed of in a safe and efficient manner:
- The Cadmium in the battery from a single old phone could seriously contaminate 600,000 gallons of water, enough to fill a third of an Olympic-sized swimming pool. Cadmium is being phased out of new batteries.
- Lead – which affects the immune, endocrine and central nervous systems, and causes serious damage to children s brains – is used to solder components to the printed wiring boards.
- Brominated flame retardants, used in wiring boards and plastic cases, have been associated with cancer, liver damage and problems with the neurological, immune and endocrine systems.
- Beryllium, which can cause serious lung damage, is used in contacts and springs and highly toxic dioxins can be emitted if the phones are incinerated in waste plants.

The above true and shocking facts would evidently get anybody scared but things are not as grim as them seem. While usage of Cell Phone maybe a health disaster, its a not as much a disaster or grim situation as it seems to be. There one other fact about cell phones that was indirectly endorsed by Albert Einstein himself. Mobile phone frequencies cause honey bees to get confused about the direction to their bee hive, as a result they end up getting lost and die. Such a loss of Bees can be catastrophic for our Earth habitat as the requisite pollination of flowers wont happen which will result into destruction of flower and fruit bearing trees.

The above listed facts are not exactly all the information related to cell phone and their global impact, I will try to add in more such informative data when I get more time and do more research about the expanding sphere of mobility and cellular technology.

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A descriptive list of interesting and disturbing facts about cellphones.

Poster: George
The fact that mobile phones are such a bio hazard is very shocking. Cell phone manufacturers should start putting up a statuary health warning on the phones so that people would become aware of such facts.

Poster: Chevy
George.. In the perfect world.. Where people and the planet we live on actually MATTER to monsters consumed by GREED i.e. Big Business, Corperate America, FDA so on and so forth.. That would be Ideal! Heck, even POSSIBLE! Unfortunately, this is not the case. We the \"little people\" must scrounge and dig for truths like this.. thru backdoors, and underground. sadly, to top it all off.. we \"scroungers\" and seekers of knowledge and truth are so scarce.. most people would be angered to hear these

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