Choosing the best mobile phone as a backup to manage in disasters

Choosing the best mobile phone as a backup to manage in disasters

Choosing and using a mobile phone as a perfect backup option when disaster, calamity or misfortune strikes. Making a choice for the best phone which performs under catastrophe

The mobile these days is forever evolving at a pace which has even put the mean computers to shame. Its computing power is growing at par with the desktop machine, and the features it is incorporating or rather said developing-and acquiring are simply phenomenal. The usability of a mobile phone as a personal computer is increasing. It as already won over schedule management and has reigned supreme in terms of mobile connectivity. The laptops and palmtops too have been feeling the heat with mobiles chewing into their share. The affordability element is getting better and so is functionality characteristic. But does the mobile really do what it was actually intended to do? i.e. be the best guide when disaster strikes?

The user selling point (USP) of a cell phone lies in its mobility aspect. The power to connect with anybody in a wireless manner without being dependent on electricity or connection is one thing that the mobile phone has been long known for. Alas! Gone are the days when mobile phones were simply used for calling or even smsing, today we all expect more from the mobile phones. We expect so much more that we rarely care about the coverage network, clarity, battery talk-time and other such things. We charge our phones almost everyday and drain away its battery every other night. If suddenly a disaster such as an earthquake, hurricane, flood or storm strikes, will our phones be able to survive the calamity alongside us? Will they be the tool for our survival? Will their battery guzzler processors last for even 24 hours? That is one question which parents should remember when they gift their children a mobile phone to stay connected.

It is commonsense on part of a traveler to have his cell phone batteries charged before he initiates is travel. Traveling is one most common activity during which the chance that something would go wrong is really high. When things go wrong, its usually the mobile phone that one would put their attention to. Being stranded in a place where connectivity exists, but mobile battery dies is like being on a boat in the middle of an ocean without a rudder or a paddle. Phones such as HTC Desire HD run out of power in half day itself, irrespective to what the manufacturer might claim as standby time, a normal network seeking operation can kill the battery in really short-span. For people who buy HTC Desire HD, will they be happy folks if the end up in a catastrophe situation where they need a backup or at-least a distress communication option? The answer is NO. Choosing the right mobile phone, buying it, having it and using it in such a condition becomes crucial for survival in extremes.[p]Mobile phones are known to under-perform in cold weather wherein the weather tends to have an effect on the battery life. Usage of touch screen phones is something very inconvenient in cold weathers as the touch would not work unless a proper finger-touch is applied. Phones which do not have the option to minimize screen brightness, ten to be losers in this particular category of disaster-safe phones. Phones which have offline modes make themselves a good utility in while in unfriendly catastrophic conditions. A phone with LED torch mode built-in, becomes an indispensable backup option in cold and dark conditions.

Nokia E72 which is an executive class Symbian Phone, is endowed with 50 percent more battery backup power than any other smart-phone in its category and is also endowed with a built-in LED torch mode, thus making it the best phone in unfortunate situations. Natural calamities and destruction or failure of infrastructure are somethings which are unpredictable and many a times inevitable, if you have a Nokia E72 in such a situation then your chances of braving through the disaster increase exceptionally. Hence next time before you choose and buy a mobile phone, consider the wrath of mother nature and misfortune to their respective effects.

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Making a choice about the mobile phone to have when calamity or misfortune strikes

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