Convert your Symbian Nokia phone into an iPhone

Convert your Symbian Nokia phone into an iPhone

Convert your Symbian Nokia phone into an iPhone. Change the graphic looks to get the working and functionality of an apple iPhone while keeping the solid Symbian usability

Nokia Symbian Operating System
Nokia Symbian Smart-Phones are known for their best functionality features, the solid framework, the utility of applications and a stable operating system. To add to the jewel crown of the biggest manufacturer Nokia, its phones exhibit a no-nonsense usability with every feature of the phone designed for the easiest of use by the end-user. Nokia Phones have dominated the mobile market for long and that adds to the Nokia credibility and guarantee of a safe, usable and worthwhile interoperability. Nokia phones have simply rocked the markets of developing nations like India, Pakistan, Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda, Indonesia, Philippines and more.

iPhone User Interface
Lately the apple iPhone has been in news for many good as well as bad reasons. Apple has been able to design and integrate a good user interface to its phone but the phone still lacks many functionality which are offered by Symbian phones, most importantly the root access for file upload, multi-tasking, the JavaScript vulnerabilities and lastly the humbleness with which the Nokia company connects with the end user. Apple iPhone still deserves some credit for revolutionizing the touch interface - but the same features and even more can be located in a Nokia Touch-Screen phone model. Nokia has been the market leader for many years and has spent a lot of resources on Research and Development, as a result the phone has almost become a computer. And the good news is that all of the iPhone features related to its interfacing can be experience on your Nokia Symbian S60 5th Edition Devices.

Free iPhone Style Application
iPhone Style Home Screen is definitely a charm and a complete wanna have for your Nokia Symbian S60 5th Edition Cell Phone. It brings in the best of looks on your phone, virtually converting it into an iPhone which you do not need to buy. For all this goodness, one needs to install a software called NDesk. This app transforms your interface like an iPhone styled menu. Its is made available with some graphics options. For instance – one can put a picture on the menu or change the color of it, the text color or even the color of the image. The app Ndesk is a freeware, this means that its a free download with no hidden costs. The freeware application Ndesk can be downloaded from this link. Installing the application is as easy as installing any other Symbian program.

Convert Nokia to iPhone
Apps transform your phone into a computer, but please make sure to not add too many of them as then you will be facing memory problems. Ndesk is a great utility to have iPhone Style Home Screen For Nokia Symbian S60 5th Edition Devices. Its a revolutionizing free software that provides you with goodness of iPhone without even buying one. Its almost like iPhone for free!. Ndesk is that cool app which lets the true Symbian Smart-Phone beat apple at its own turf. Free, Cool and simply a have-to piece of mobile program.

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Installing a single app can change your Symbian Nokia pone into an iPhone

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