Difference between a real SmartPhone and a fake SmartPhone

Difference between a real SmartPhone and a fake SmartPhone

Sorting out a fake SmartPhone from among the real SmartPhone available in the markets. Differences between the genuine mobile phone and the counterfeit one.

Many smartphones, especially the popular models, are not real. They look like the real thing, but are not made by who you think they are made by. Get a look at the statistics on how many phones are actually imitations of the real thing here in this genuine article.

You see it all the time. Someone holds up a paper bill to the light to see if it is fake or real. Have you done this with your cell phone lately ? You may want to after reading this. One out of every five handsets sold in the world is not real. It is counterfeit. While you are looking your smartphone or feature phone over, try imagining if that happened with the money ? Society could not continue as it is. Nokia representatives have been to the point and announced that; “It is not only in Asia, but also in Latin America and even in some parts of Europe.”. China actually has a slightly higher rate of fake phones, since many of them are made there.

The fake smartphones are the ones that are enjoying the most popularity. The iPhone has many counterfeits or “phonies” ( pun intended ). One is called the “SciPhone”. It comes with a dual SIM card slot and can be used with two phone numbers. It looks just like the real thing. Apple is not the only company taking a hit. Nokia is the number one seller of cell phones in the world. Their market share was adjusted down by four points in 2009 just because of the existence of false copies of their products. Needless to say, they are not going to let it continue. Nokia and Beijing are getting together to try and fight the fraudsters. Stay tuned for that story.

These fake phones are mass produced just like the real thing, but at lower costs. That means cheaper quality. You may see a few that have good quality, but they are the exception. One of the dangers of these fake phones is that some of the batteries in them explode. Some have software installed in them to steal personal information. Some apply for expensive SMS services without the knowledge of their owners. These have been given a name in China; “shanzhai”. They are nothing but bad news.

Those who are making fake phones do not pay tax, making them cheaper than honest phones. Chen Zhao is a sales director at Konka, a legitimate cell phone maker. He says: “Legal cell phone makers should pay 17 percent of their revenue as value-added tax, but shanzhai makers, of course, won’t pay it.”. The shanzhai phone makers are also getting creative. They are putting logos on their phones that look like the real thing, but with a slight difference. A Samsung phone may have the logo “Sumsung” on it. A fake Nokia phone may have “Nckia” written on it. Some just outright put the real logo on and sell it.

Now that you have been explained most of the things related to fake SmartPhones in the market, its best you check out your own mobile phone and see if its the real thing or not. Also you can cite this article to your friends and help them buy a genuine product.

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DarkWAP.mobi > Cell Phone Tips and Tricks > Difference between a real SmartPhone and a fake SmartPhone
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Difference between a real SmartPhone and a fake SmartPhone

Poster: Michael C
I am never gonna buy those fake phones that are manufactured in China. I like to use branded real phones which have good build quality. I always insist on checking the IMEI number so that I dont get duped for quality. Buying a branded phone pays off as it lasts long and there is very little or no maintenanace.

DarkWAP.mobi > Cell Phone Tips and Tricks > Difference between a real SmartPhone and a fake SmartPhone