Download Boat Browser Mini for Android Mobile Phone

Download Boat Browser Mini for Android Mobile Phone

Clean and Fast Android based browser called Boat Browser Mini. Free download phone browser with better UI and faster speeds.

One other addition in the list of Android phone based browsers which its users can boast about. But this time around, it is really worth it! If you have tried Opera Mini Web Browser, Opera Mobile Web Browser, Dolphin Browser HD, Dolphin Browser Mini, Skyfire Web Browser, Mozilla Firefox Web Browser, Miren Browser, QQ Browser, Wikitude World Browser, Galapagos Browser, NetFront Life Browser and UC Browser English, but still not satisfied, you definitely need to try our Boat Browser Mini. It will make you feel totally different. It is as fast as xScope Browser and as pretty as Safari on iPhone. Now that is one promise that should be lived up-to, right?

Looks and ease of use, these are the two things that make Boat browser stand apart. Its User Interface is clean, something that is very relevant with Safari browser. Then you have a multi tab based browsing. This feature is the phones User Selling Point. Essentially there are not many browsers that integrate these two features seamlessly. As an icing on the cake, this browser is fast to load and its speed of rendering web page is quite commendable too.

Boat Browser Mini sounds somewhat similar with Bolt browser, but they they both come from different developer stables. While the Bolt Browser is a famed java based browsing client, Boat Browser Mini is Google Android OS based one. Boat Browser Mini also has ability to integrate and use various themes, this makes it an eyecandy for users who spend loads of time surfing internet on their Android based phones.

A lot of people complain about the missing element of multi-touch pinch and zoom feature in their Android browser, Boat Browser Mini solves this and provides the best possible navigation system. If you want a browser that will render web graphics to their fullest potential then Boat Browser is for you.

Just as no browser is actually complete without shortcomings and bugs, this one to has a set of its own. Firstly there is no bookmark synch option, something that is very crucial if one is moving on from one browser to another. Secondly you cannot change page render mode to landscape from portrait. There are some flash based issues too. Lastly there is no privacy mode, something that has gained a lot of importance these days.

Boat Browser Mini can be downloaded for free from this link. Users are requested not to download this program if they are not using an Android Phone. An alternative is available for Boat Browser Mini, it is the Fastest Mobile Browser, try it!

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Download Boat Browser Mini for Android based phones. Fast, Clean, better UI and navigation browsing program for cell phone.

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