Fastest Mobile Browser

Fastest Mobile Browser

Download the free mobile browser which loads super fast on cell phone. The fastest cellphone browser to connect with internet having lot of smart features and great navigation system.

Ever wanted to know the Fastest Mobile Browser to use for surfing Internet on your mobi? It is a browser known as UCweb. A abbreviated name for You Can Web it is also a free to download and use type of mobile browser. This article will explain you everything about UCweb which you should probably read, it after all is some interesting stuff to know.

UCweb derives its name from the part that the browser supports browsing of web pages on mobile phone- thus YOU CAN WEB! Many cellphone browsers lack this specific ability as they are not designed to handle bulky heavy web pages and hence typical default phone browses end up crashing right when you wish to surf the web and browse around content. If you do not want your cellphone to suffocate when you surf - You Can Web is the best and for some the only option. You Can Web provides a cool navigation system with zoom functions that let you open up almost any type of web page irrespective to the media type embedded on it. Such a navigation system is the best possible system around and that makes this browser not just the fastest but also the most ergonomic to use.

The mobile browser quotes a superior web page compression technology which minimizes the amount of data that is relayed from the site to your phone thus saving data transfer costs and optimizing speed - making it the fastest browser around. Another secret to its speedy delivery of content is its stable network and pre-load technology that adds up to its speed making it almost impossible for other browsers to catch up with its content delivery system.

UCweb has an inbuilt easy to use search system that saves you time from visiting Google and then googling around for the required sitelink. The browser supports multi-tab browsing along side with bookmark and history listing. Such an integration makes it easy to get back onto the page that you would have surf to at a certain time in recent history. Its URL auto-completion feature is a unique feature which is lacked in almost all mobile browsers around. Typing on mobile pad is a tedious job and UCweb helps make it easier with its auto-completion feature. Now, even if you do not own a smart phone, you can always bank upon features of this smart browser.

Unlike variants of Opera Mini which do not allow for downloading, UCweb has a special download manager thus paving way for faster downloads. One can save and share web pages or images found while browsing through an interactive, easy to use interface provided as a functionality for the application. The mobile browser boasts of an ability to open, delete and even share files via the inbuilt bluetooth feature of the phone. The browser showcases a state of the art privacy protection system with a total control over the cookies, it even enables logging into sites which require authentication.

One rarely publicized feature of this super fast mobile browser is that it cares for its users health. With a special night mode feature, it protects the eyes of the user when browsing under dark conditions. Given its ergonomics, features, functionality, usability and the coveted title of being the fastest mobile browser around, UCweb is a must have browser for every smartphone around. Smart it is and fastest too!

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Download the fastest free mobile browser on your cell phone.

Poster: John
I have downloaded and installed it on my Samsung smartphone. The browser indeed is fast. This is a supercool free mobile browser. If such powerful, feature rich mobile browsers are made available free of cost then i dont find a need to pay for any other browser. As of yet, I have found this browsing application to be the fastest ina list of many browsers. In the evening I will test it on my Nokia too.

Poster: Bello
If you-can fastest browser existed before many people wouldn\'t have suffered installing devices to their phones

Poster: Eddy
I guess Opera mini is much faster, user friendly and more compatible as a mobile browser. Its get up is also more attractive than UC Web.

Poster: illywhacker
f0r me opera mini is the fastest browser... Aside fr0m being a user-friendly application, OM features are cool and more attractive than ucweb. The skin can be m0dded to whatever we like. OM RULES!

Poster: Rjc
uc browser is v. fast indeed! im using it in my samsung star and itz a thousand times better than opera mini!

Poster: Amit
Its cool browser.easy 2 use nd download speed so fast so really happy.TRY IT GUYZ ND CHANGE THE USAGE OF Net:)
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