Frustration of a mobile buyer. A new phone buying guide

Frustration of a mobile buyer. A new phone buying guide

A complete through guide for those who want to buy a new mobile phone. Tips and criteria for selection of the best suited mobile phone in terms of buying budget and usage compatibility.

You want to buy a new mobile phone because your old mobile has stopped functioning properly, it has gone out of fashion, you do not like your old phone anymore, you want to look smart among your peers whilst flashing a new cool phone gadget or you just want to own something that you were looking forward to buy; the reasons can be many! Every new mobile phone buyer goes through a lot of frustrations and has to make a lot of calculated decisions before investing a considerable amount of fortune. This new phone buying guide will help all out there who have been victims of inaction and indecision while buying a new cell phone.

Unlike few years ago wherein the mobile market was very limited with few models and companies, today’s mobile purchase market is nothing less than a revolution in comparison with the old one. There was a time when Touch-Screen phones were considered as high class mobile phones which only the rich and technology trendy could afford and incidentally they also flashed them everywhere, today there is no dearth of cheap touch screen phones. The touch-screen revolution has passed from simple TFT touch, resistive touch, capacitive touch, gorilla glass to AMOLED screen. The price range has also increased in accordance with technology advancement. Today we get touch and type phones which feature a touch screen as well as a QWERTY keypad - A hybrid combination that adds sparkle and spunk to the choice of phone.

People basically look for certain few things before buying the phone. First and foremost is brand. People tend to have more faith in tried and tested brands, instead of vouching for an untried and untested mobile phone manufacturing company. Second thing that users look forward to is the usability of the phone. Some folks want a smart phone while some prefer to buy a budget phone or a phone that would just look good to look at.

Past the brand and look stage, one thing that a lot of people debate upon but never use it to its full potential is the camera of the phone. People get crazy about the megapixel war that is happening recently. One important aspect which most people ignore is that, if they buy a phone which does not have LED then basically the camera capability of that cell phone is worth nil during night or dark time. One should also vouch for a phone which has a front primary camera with a minimum capability of 0.3 megapixel so as to facilitate good quality video calling on 3G and 4G networks. The primary camera of course can never replace standalone cameras of professionals so anything that is above 8MP in mobile phone camera standards is actually useless as such high capability of a cell phone camera would hardly make a difference for the photo quality.

Moving head of the camera based sorting stage, people look at the processor capability of the phone. This is an area wherein sometimes companies make a fool out of customers. One example is of Nokia providing 1 GHz based processor for a series 40 phone - a move that makes a mockery of any mobile phone buying guide ever written. If you want to buy a phone which performs well then go for a phone which has a balanced ratio of core processor capability, sufficient RAM and ROM, and a good enough GPU for gaming needs.

Ultimately people also look at the Operating System that is running in the phone, how big its support community is, how many apps does it boast of running etc etc. Furthermore sorting can be possible by comparing battery life of phone, reading reviews of the phone from various mobile phone selling portals like flipkart, amazon etc.

If you are a frustrated soul like every other person who wants to buy the best mobile for himself then this guide will be able to help you a lot. In the end, it will be your buying decision and it would probably be in accordance with your budget. So go ahead, look for the best mobile suited for you according to your wants and needs. It is recommended that people maintain a gap of at-least a year before they buy a new phone, it helps reduce electronic pollution. Mobile batteries contain some very toxic compounds and hence try to utilize your mobile phone to the maximum permissible limit before discarding it and buying a new one. Finally, good luck with the purchase and hope that it rids you of your frustrations.

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A new mobile phone buying guide that gives tips to sort out mobile phone list according to budget, specifications, internals and other such criteria to limit buyer frustrations.

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