GPRS internet connection on cell phone

GPRS internet connection on cell phone

The benefits of having GPRS internet connectivity on mobile phone. Things which cell users can do with the net connection.

GPRS Internet
Getting a GPRS internet connection on cell phone is nothing new, not even in the countries supposed to be third world, however using this service efficiently to its maximum potential is more important. Mobile connectivity has given us the freedom from wires, Accessing the internet on cellphone is a whole new dimension now. The benefits of utilizing this new technology are aplenty, following article will brief you about few.

GPRS Connectivity
GPRS which stands for General Packet Radio Service is a bearer service of the Global System for Mobile (GSM) communications, which offers packet data capabilities / transfers. The important characteristic of the data service provided by GPRS is that it operates in an end-to-end packet mode, which means that no communication resources are exclusively reserved for supporting the communication needs of any individual mobile user. Interstringly, the communication resources are utilized on a demand basis and are statistically multiplexed between several mobile users. This certain characteristic renders GPRS ideal for applications with irregular traffic properties (such as Web browsing, email, online data synchronize etc). With this type of traffic, the benefits of statistical multiplexing are exploited to the best extent. We obtain high utilization efficiency of the communication resources. A direct effect of this property is the drastically increased capacity of the system in the sense that one can support a large number of mobile users with only a limited amount of communication resources necessary. This allows for wide-area wireless Internet access.

Benefits of GPRS
The Internet is a great way to stay in touch with friends and family here or abroad and when it comes to mobile internet the benefits are the same. Through the Internet one can send emails, communicate real time with friends or make new friends. There are plethora so-called social networking sites (like Facebook, Twitter, Friendfeed), that allow you to find friends that you haven’t seen in years, and share your everyday life with everybody that you know by posting comments, pictures, videos etc. To evaluate all of Goodness of internet access by GPRS one cand o the following things:

Online Banking via various bank mobile gateways
Watching videos online streaming or mobile resized
Online shopping via mobile commerce
Booking tickets / travel / flights etc via mobile web shops
Searching for general information and doing research
Listening to music or the radio online

There is so much more goodness in GPRS internet connection on cell phone, so many things which cell users can do with net connection, benefits and comfort at par with the mobility ( GPRS Connectivity ).

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The benefits of having GPRS internet connectivity on mobile phone.

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