Increase iPhone battery life

Increase iPhone battery life

Tips to increase battery power life and performance of iPhone. Method to conserve battery charge and save it from battery drain. Settings tweaks for iPhone users.

iPhone Battery Life
One of the most common problems which iPhone users will always experience is an unaccounted loss of battery life. With all of the different, exclusive and superior features that are included on the iPhone, it is no wonder that the battery can drain so quickly. If you want to know about all of the different ways to conserve your battery life on this phone as much as possible, its certainly important for you to review all of the crucial tips for getting the most time out of it. We have listed below certain few tips that will get a better and longer performance from your iPhone by increasing its battery life.

Battery Life Saver
Screen Brightness
There is no doubt that the brightness of the phones screen plays a huge role in how much battery is drained and how quickly so. You may want to make sure that you conserve as much battery life as possible by tweaking the settings with a little adjustment that will make your iPhone a sort of performer. Once you have browsed your way in through the settings, you may want to make certain that the Auto-Brightness is set to On and then you will need to turn the brightness at a considerable low level - which may be as possible within reason. You would want to make sure that you can still see what you are doing on your phone. As of course interoperability matters more here

Save iPhone Battery
Turning off Wi-Fi
It is one of the biggest battery hogs (one that goes undetected) when it comes to iPhones i.e the Wi-Fi feature. This is an issue you will want to address as soon as possible if you have one of these phones. When you have the Wi-Fi on all day, you are draining the battery quite a bit. Those who do not need to connect to wireless networks will need to go into the settings from the home screen, you would need to go to Wi-Fi and then make sure it is set to Off. This way you can avoid wasting battery power while you are not using this feature.

Increase Battery Performance
Turning off Push Email
Although it is true that push email can be a great convenience because it allows you to check your email real fast, being forever connected to the internet server to your email account is something that can take the life out of your battery and drain the battery undetected. You will want to make sure that such a service remains activated for only a certain set of time, so you can keep your iPhone from having to recharge repeatedly. In order to do this you will need to go to the settings from the home screen, then to Mail, Contacts, Calendars and finally make sure the Push setting is on Off and the Fetch setting it on Manually.

When you make sure to take all of these precautions with your phone, you will find that it will be much convenient from having to recharge it repeatedly in consistent short duration of time. Those who know how to conserve battery power will get more work done from their iPhone and wont find themselves in a situation wherein they wont have a way to call or text somebody right when it matters the most. Also make sure to have the lock feature on your phone activated when it is at the home screen, because this can be another good battery-saving tip as well.

The above iPhone battery saving tips will guaranteed increase iPhone battery life. They will let you use the iPhone for more amount of time before a necessity for a recharge arises. With an increased battery power life, the performance also increases relatively. This article is specially dedicated for iPhone users.

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Save power and increase battery life and performance of iPhone.

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