Mobile Addiction

Mobile Addiction

The growing menace of mobile addiction especially among teenagers and workaholics. Risks and effects of addictive mobile usage on health and attention.

The one things that troubles all our parents, friends and those folks who do not actually like using the mobile a lot or herald from an age where technology did not make much advancements. Mobile addiction is not a disease but it is something which none of us would want to be found practicing in excess.

Today the communication systems have become mighty strong, especially when urban areas are taken into consideration. Even kids as low as 12 year olds end up in possession of a mobile phone. This possession may not be necessarily for calls but it could be for the games that are installed within the cell phone device which the child can play with and not be ready to part with either. Mobile addiction has reached new heights wherein a teenager would not want to stop texting his / her chat mate even while having food. Mobile phones were already hated while during meetings, but now-a-days finding a teacher / professor receiving a call during lecture hours has become somewhat a common sight. Mobile addiction has also started severely impacting the natural course of education, by filling the minds of youngsters with junk knowledge which may be of no use for them in their future. The only people who make money out of these addictions are mobile networks, mobile manufacturers and third party content or service providers.

If we were to talk about mass brain washing then we ought to consider the effect of mobile media. The way in which mobiles have become personalized and changed into guardians and carries of private data is extensively scary. Mobiles have taken control of our life and mobile developers are finding new ways to get people more hooked, gain more attention and make more profits from us.

If you are a mobile addict then try to get rid of this addiction as soon as you can. Mobiles are here to simplify our life and not to crush it into small frames wherein we may need to multi-task. The worse affected tradition due to mobile addiction is the rare family dinner part. Today deals are made over dinners hosted at different places without the two parties being together. Such is the irony of life. While mobile were supposed to make communications easier, it has resulted into invasion of personal life space. Not to forget the health side effects that a mobile phone could cause a person. Mobile addiction has indeed opened a can of worms for any and every average human being.

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Ill effects of mobile addiction on increase. Risk of loosing attention due to increased use and addiction to cell phones.

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