Mobile Phone Accessories Care

Mobile Phone Accessories Care

Tips on mobile phone accessories care. Methods to increase life of each cell based accessory including bluetooth, headphones, headsets, camera, charger etc.

We buy a mobile, but along aside it, we also get free accessories like headset and charger. These two accessories may not be all the enhancements that we would ever connect with the mobile phone, many a times we require more of such accessories like data cable, antenna, stylus, attachable camera, HDMI cord etc to gain 100 percent productivity from our phones. Most of the times these accessories fail even before the actual shelf life of the phone is outlasted, hence there is a need to draft and provide a certain set of free tips which will help us all use mobile accessories in a more sensible way thus increasing their usable life.

It may be just a year since you bought a new phone but your head phones must have already given up on working altogether. Wired headphones are the foremost among all accessories that get ruined with over a period of usage. The prime reason for such is that they get tangled up every time you keep them away. Mobile headsets are covered with flexible plastic / rubber. These materials are elastic in nature but the fine copper wires flowing inside them are not elastic, they are considerably brittle in nature. Every time you twist and turn the headphone wires, the wire gets stressed inside at various non uniform locations. Finally the weakest point in the wires gives away and you end up loosing one side of the head phone audible self or sometimes even both. The only tip regarding elongating the life of wired headphones is handling the headphones with gentle care and not getting frustrated when it gets self tangled.

Bluetooth headsets fall second in the league of mobile phone accessories that are prone to fail. Bluetooth headsets require charging from time to time, they run on Li-Ion batteries which are very small in size. Also since not always possible to replace these batteries the shelf life of a Bluetooth headset is equal to that of its battery power. One cannot use Bluetooth headset for a long time due to their limited capacity power and battery draining. It is useless to use a Bluetooth headset whose battery drains away in less than 5 minutes. Thus Bluetooth headsets form a part of this list. All battery power saving tips can be applied to Bluetooth headsets in order to elongate their life.

All other accessories of a mobile phone such as charger, stylus, extended camera and various cable cords are prone to contact failures. Rigorous usage of these accessories can cause erosion of circuit contacts which may affect the mobile phone as well as the concerned accessory. It is a common misconception that only the mobile phone is delicate, while it is true that mobile phones indeed are delicate but proper care needs to be taken of not just the cell phone but even its accessories. In better care lies more usability.

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