Mobile Tricks

Mobile Tricks

Various Mobile Phone tricks can have varied effects on mobile phones. While a trick may enhance the usability of mobile, it may even cause a major technical problem for the cellphone.

This is a brief introduction to what exactly the terms mobile tricks encompass. Firstly mobile is one great communication device. While the mobile phone is not included among the list of essentials that a human needs for surviving, a life without mobile is simply unthinkable. These days we not only use cellphones for calling up people but we also use them as perfect messengers by using their sms function, we use them for checking up latest news, stock updates and sport scores via GPRS or internet capable applications. We have started using mobile phones as multimedia devices which can play and capture both audio as well as video. The usability potential of a mobile phone just keeps on increasing and so does the demand for new tricks in order to get the maximum from a mobile.

Mobile Tricks essentially mean certain few device-hacks or settings-tweaks which would help get a more better or non restricted performance from a mobile phone. Basically two types of mobile tricks actually exists - the first being a hardware tweak / trick and the second being a software tweak / trick. Nowadays mobile phone come with built in features like Camera, GPS, Accelerometer etc. Each hardware utility carries it own significant performance improvement or usability expansion. One simple mobile trick would be adding a booster antenna inside a mobile phone which would not only provide good call quality but will also help in conserving battery power as the mobile antenna would not need to grasp weak signals.

A trick may not always cause a change in the physical shape of the mobile device. Sometimes tricks can be related to software tweaks. There are various software tools available which can help a phone user unlock the true potential hidden within a mobile phone. These tricks can improve the ergonomic graphical interface or even add a certain suppressed hardware capability or even improve mobile efficiency. Mobile tricks are in a way really cute things to try out on own mobile phone. They are found in abundance on the internet and few are even listed here to try out.

A problem with Mobile Tricks is that, these certain tricks are something which the original manufacturer never certified, and hence they void warranty whenever they are applied. The tricks are not always brief and may not always come with handy guides, most of the times its a risky job to apply them. It is recommended that one applies tricks to their mobiles only in the presence of a mobile geek, especially when they are unsure about the outcome. Certain mobile tricks can make your phone become prone to viruses and malware, hence apply them with caution. Mobile Phone Tricks are interesting to read and even apply upon, but not without proper knowledge.

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Mobile Phone Tricks Knowledge Usability and Performance Improvement.

Poster: Mobile Tricks
Thank you for this article on mobile phone tricks. I will now always think twice before using any mobile trick posted on internet and if I am utilizing it on my mobile, I will do that in presence of a mobile professional so that I dont end up spoiling my mobile phone.

Poster: Darcy
Once I followed few procedures stated by a self proclaimed tech guru and I ended up ruining my mobile phone. I then had to send the mobile to a care centre to get it repaired. I suggest you all try mobile tricks only in the presence of a technical expert.
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