Mobile online prepaid credit recharge tips

Mobile online prepaid credit recharge tips

Tips to remembers while carrying out an online mobile prepaid credit recharge. Secure your payment systems and avoid being duped at such merchant gateways.

These days we all have mobile phones, we but credit for mobile phone calls and smses via a credit reseller. This mobile credit is usually used by us when we call somebody, when we send text messages, when we use mobile internet services or when we make purchases i.e. Mobile media content. One way or the other we end up spending a considerable amount of money on mobile recharges if we use a prepaid mobile phone.

In most countries the usage of prepaid mobile phone far exceeds the usage of postpaid phones. This statistics is particularly common in developing countries like Nigeria, India, Indonesia, Philippines, Pakistan, Parts of Africa etc. The mobile credit system works effectively when the mobile subscriber utilizes the presence of a mobile credit reseller. The credit reseller provides mobile credit recharges of various denominations and is usually available throughout the day, but this reseller is not available at night and many a times there arises a situation wherein you end up exhausting all available mobile credit and find out that the credit reseller is unavailable. This situation leads to considerable frustration as you are then unable to make those essential calls.

Mobile Online recharge thrives on such possibilities. For such a reason and many more, a lot of mobile online recharge providers have sprung up. There is considerable money to be made in this business as a credit reseller enjoys 2.5 percent earning commission per successful online recharge. For certain mobile networks this commission can be as high as 5 percent. Mobile Online recharging is a lucrative business but its not without standard guidelines and security nightmares.

Recently a lot of mobile online recharge service providers have delegated themselves to stealing bank account details, credit card details and causing harm to the subscribers financial system. These online recharge providers are leech which thrive on the victims illiteracy regarding safe web usage. The following tips will help mobile subscribers select genuine online mobile recharge gateways.

Always make sure that the website has a secure https protocol site. The https presence should be checked while doing a transaction. The main site may not always have an https i.e. secured internet connection.
Always try for a small recharge amount first and only then go after an bigger recharge.
For actual payment, never ass your pin or security code on the merchant site, if it asks for it then discontinue the transaction. Always make sure that you are redirected to your bank site for typing in your password or pin.
Do not continue with the online transaction if they ask for personal details.
Try to verify the affiliation and credibility of the merchant payment channel via links to Thwate, Verisign and other such secure transaction providers.

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Protect yourself from fraudulent mobile prepaid online recharge systems. Essential tips to look out when recharging online via merchant reseller gateway.

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