Mobile phone security systems and antivirus softwares

Mobile phone security systems and antivirus softwares

Protect your mobile from being stolen. Use mobile security suites and systems to safeguard your data, retrieve stolen phone and shield against virus intrusion. The realities of antivirus softwares in the market.

When we talk about mobile security systems, the first things that come to our mind are mobile thefts, virus intrusion, data deletion etc. Mobile security is essentially the need of the day but there are hardly any security suites out there which provide complete protection from any attack or theft.

Most of the new mobile phones being manufactured these days have an inbuilt anti-theft system security to protect accidental loss of mobile phones. Applications like mobile tracker are pre-installed in phone memory which locate a stolen or lost mobile when remotely commanded to do so. These softwares remotely send beams of data via either the sms system or any data transfer gateway to an alternate number. The data sent contains details of the new mobile number in use and location of the mobile phone as provided by the network. The anti-theft security suit is self preserving i.e. it cannot be removed from the mobile phone unless and until a master reset of the phone is made by provided pre-set password. The person who manages to nick away the cell phone ends up being stalked and if a complain is lodged, that person even ends up being caught by the police personnel.

It is reported by an independent Audit that atleast one in every 5 teenagers end up loosing his / her mobile phone. These phones are either stolen or misplaced due to forgetfulness. Given the price of each mobile phone and the potential risk of it being used for any terror activity or personal harassment, it becomes imperative on the part of the main phone owner to locate the phone and retrieve back both the phone as well as its sim card.

The other type of security threat for mobile phones is intrusion of viruses and phone hacking actions. If one reads news everyday, they would be well aware of the phone hacking scandal that hit News of the World. Phone data was deliberately tapped into using a malicious install of a Trojan system. Application privileges of phone systems were misused to let in a malicious coded system which would harness your privacy data and may even misuse it for revenue generation purposes. It is sad to note that whistleblowing of this phone hacking was done by media organizations and not by any antivirus firm. The antivirus softwares for phone systems were merely just a vanity app of sorts.

Mobile virus nightmares started with the Cabir antivirus which was making itself contagious and viral via Bluetooth networks of the phone system. Since almost every other mobile phone now has Bluetooth capabilities, this virus was quite a sleep stealer for mobile security professional all over the world. The virus would send messages to premium numbers, thus incurring loss to the phone owner and making money for the virus creator. Security agencies, professional firms were able to find solution against this virus, but it would work only after the phone was infected with virus. Till date there has been no anti-virus for mobile phones which would curtail the intrusion of viruses inside the phone in the first place.

A lot of mobile antivirus softwares have been introduced for each custom operating system like Android, Apple iOS, Blackberry OS and java based anti-virus programs. Yet still a lot of work needs to be done to curtail the growing menace of mobile viruses. Mobile security systems need a boost of compatible operating systems in order to make a level playing filed to target and act against security miscreants. Today enterprises like NetQin, F-Secure, Kaspersky, Bullguard, Esset, McAfee and AirScanner provide custom based solutions for mobile security needs, yet still the mobile phone market is vulnerable against security threats.

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Antivirus softwares and various app based phone anti-theft security suites to protect your phone and precious private data inside it. App based solutions to shield your phone from

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