Mobile photo shoot or Photography Contests

Mobile photo shoot or Photography Contests

Tips on how to get the best from your mobile phone camera by participating in a photography contest and performing a photo shoot. Prize, goodies and freebies to win from various competitions and contests.

Sometime back Nokia had a policy of setting up a contest of best mobile video upload using its newly launched models. The winner would then get another free mobile phone from Nokia. This contest was neither a hit one nor a flop one. It seems there are a considerable number of people who love to shoot photos and videos with their mobile phone. Nokia somehow lost out on the fact that its newly launched mobile phones were priced sky-high and as a result there were not too many takers for it. Wining a costly mobile phone was quite an achievement but then who had money to purchase one?

Today mobile photo shoots and photography contests have become quite a frequently held competition spree. You do not have to buy a particular phone to get in the competition; you can join the contest with any phone model or even a standalone digital camera. The winning prize however for such competitions has not been that great.

Facebook is one place where you will find loads of competitions with regard to photo uploads. Mobiles is the most personal device that a person carries, at times the person does get tempted to click photos too. These photos form a great collection of memory stored in the mobile microSD card. Such memories can be shared via social network portals like facebook; they can be enlisted for competition thus making them potential freebies or prize winners. The following paragraph will detail how to seek such contest opportunities.

Facebook is filled with loads of social media marketers, these people need you as an individual to given them a popularity quotient. Since people would not join the fan page unless there is something interesting or exciting for them in it. There is no better way to gain virality and fame other than setting up a game, contest, competition or concert. These events require people participation and ask for some efforts on behalf of them. Many a times these efforts are in the form of best original photo upload competition with regard to any certain issue. The winner gets a nominal prize and the ones who do not win anything gear up for another contest.

Holiday planners, resorts, spa and massage service parlors, camera brands, mobile brands, publications are few of the organizations who have presence on any social media page, are responsible for initiation of most of these contests. One can not only be a potential contestant for the prize but would even get to socialize with like minded people. Mobile phone camera is one of the best assets to have, which is not limited to photography or photo shoots; but even allows for contest participation.

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The full potential of a mobile phone camera. A medium to win prizes through facebook photo upload contests. The best asset within a cell phone.

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