Opera Mini Turbo Boost enables faster mobile internet browsing speed

Opera Mini Turbo Boost enables faster mobile internet browsing speed

Speed up mobile data transfer on Opera Mini using Turbo mode. Faster cell phone internet browsing is now possible on your handset. Surf sites at cool speeds.

Majority of mobile internet subscribers are a fan of Opera Mini which is a free to use, super fast mobile internet browser. Opera Mini brings in a lot of web functionality for the end user, especially when the webpage that is to be viewed has been built on non standardized web building code or contains media content which cannot be viewed on a normal cell phone. In a way Opera Mini is considered the best mobile browser to use especially on part of the browsing speeds delivered by it. Better is the part that this browser costs nothing at all.

Opera mini can be directly downloaded on a GPRS enabled mobile phone by visiting the link mini.opera.com through the default phone browser. Opera mini is usually not a heavy application. Its file size is relatively small and possibly the smallest compared to any other java based cell phone browser. The essential processing of webpage occurs at a proxy server hosted by opera mini, hence this free application hardly affects the memory consumption of smart phones. It light, fast and most featured application for surfing web via a mobile phone. The amount of feature addition in opera mini over the years has made it the most popular mobile phone browser. Since Google and other search engines pay for the search engine space allocation on the browser start window of opera mini, the program has remained a freebie for quite a long time. Its recommended that cell phone users have the latest version of opera mini installed on their device, to make maximum use of all its potential.

Opera Mini uses transcoding servers from various locations around the globe i.e. Poland, Norway, Iceland, USA etc. Opera mini browsers these days are designed to use socks proxy ports too for data transfer. Configuration of such proxy systems in opera mini is beyond the scope of this article and hence it will be discussed in another blog article by us. Opera mini utilizes a turbo mode to fasten up page pre-processing and loading on mobile phone. The Turbo system in Opera Mini enables it to out match performance of its nearest cell phones based browser in terms of faster internet browsing. The Turbo mode can be activated by simply visiting this link. The link is meant to be visited using an opera mini browser itself, this in turn will automatically affect the turbo setting for Opera Mini and you will be able to browse the internet faster.

Turbo mode enables Opera mini users to browse the web faster on slow connections. When Opera Turbo is enabled, the WebPages are compressed via Operas servers so that they use comparatively less data than the original ones. This means that there is less to download, so you can see your WebPages load more quickly in the end you witness a faster downloading speed. Opera Mini is a savior for those who have to pay for the mobile internet connection according to data usage. Less data transfer due to Turbo Boost mode means less data consumption, which would mean lower internet bills. Opera Mini Turbo Boost mode truly enables faster mobile internet browsing.

Another Mobile Internet Browser known as UcWEB which is also the Fastest Mobile Browser, uses a similar technology to enable faster mobile surfing. The only difference being that Opera Mini is lighter in weight while UcWeb is not so light. Each cellphone browser however has its own unique set of functionality.

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DarkWAP.mobi > Cell Phone Tips and Tricks > Opera Mini Turbo Boost enables faster mobile internet browsing speed
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Browse faster on opera mini using the inbuilt turbo mode. Save money on data transfer and get faster speeds too.

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DarkWAP.mobi > Cell Phone Tips and Tricks > Opera Mini Turbo Boost enables faster mobile internet browsing speed