Secret hidden facts about mobile phones

Secret hidden facts about mobile phones

Secret hidden facts about mobile phones which the mobile manufacturers do not wish to reveal.

Buying a mobile is like buying a mobility lifestyle experience, a state wherein we enjoy being wireless, connected always and in a highly productive stance. Sometimes budget does influence our final purchase product but the price-tag is soon forgotten courtesy to the super-friendly usability experience provided by the phone in terms of productive applications, ease of use, features, capabilities and more. In the end what matters is how well we bode with our cell phones, after-all we are in the mobile age where connectivity is one of the basic needs for survival.

When we buy a phone, we often over-look inquiring about certain for-granted things as we are usually influenced by the buying market craze. We often follow the herd approach and buy mobile gadgets which are over advertised, or are common buys in market. Such an approach ends up leaving us with a really sorry feeling, because we do not get features and capabilities which we had expected in a for-granted manner. Unhappy with the product, we end up blaming ourselves for buying a dumb mobile phone. All this can be avoided by referring to the following inherent brand short-comings as listed below:

Some people will swear by Steve Jobs name that Apple iPhone is the best mobile to be ever manufactured, but there are many who will literally be abusing Mr. Jobs for some defects, or rather said - shortcomings in the iPhone. An iPhone cannot be used to upload any media content to the internet. i.e. you cannot upload photos, music, documents etc! The phone is a battery guzzler and it drains power faster than the speed at which ice-cream melts in cold weather. Accessories for iPhone are very costly to come bay as they are non-standard and can be found only at select outlet. You are not allowed to send any business cards via an iPhone, neither is one allowed to transfer files via the iPhone. If these things matter to you, then there is absolutely no point in buying an iPhone, its Pandora s Box of problems.

Blackberry / RIM:
Research in Motion manufactures the Blackberry but its usually the later name which is used most often. Blackberry s are an executives first choice, especially when email services are given prime importance. A Blackberry is much more than just an email client, its also quite secure as it offers a decent data encryption system which is not present or offered by any other mobile brand. The Blackberry can send business cards i.e. digital contact copies and it can do that over its Bluetooth service too but only with another Blackberry mobile. Similarly file transfer is allowed only for Blackberry-to-Blackberry, There is no universal compatibility for Bluetooth transfers. This means that media file transfer from a Blackberry to any mobile other than Blackberry is completely restricted.

Android Phones:
Android may not be a mobile phone manufacturer but it is deployed across a lot many mobile phones by different manufacturers, sadly the defects prevalent in those variety of phones are same. While an Android is better than any Apple or Blackberry, it does have one single problem. Android phones eat up a lot of battery after apps are installed on them.Te apps keep on running in the background, causing battery usage for processing. This single problem is common to all Android based mobile phones and it has not been solved as of yet.

The pioneer of mobile technology, the company which brought mobile telephony to the masses is a sure problem free mobile technology giant. Nokia thinks a lot about consumer behavior and their needs before commissioning or launching a mobile phone. Nokia s satisfaction rate is one of the highest in this industry. The main problem which troubles Nokia a lot is actually not its own problem. Its problem is the availability of a lot of cheap Chinese rip-offs for its mobiles. The accessory segment especially is a cause of concern as it involves battery and battery charger which are supposed to be a part of delicate technology. Other than this availability, Nokia sure is the best.

We have taken due care to inform / reveal all secrets / facts of mobile phones which other people usually do not tend to look out for. While we do not want to influence your buying behavior, this article is only for educational and reference purpose. The above discussed defects / problems may be temporary and the companies associated wit them may correct them in due time.

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Secret hidden facts about mobile phones which the mobile manufacturers do not wish to reveal.

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