Smart Phone demands for executive business class people

Smart Phone demands for executive business class people

The needs and demands of executive class people from a Smart-Phone. The features and interoperability requirement of managers and corporate entities.

Smart-Phones or rather said the prophesied successors of computers are small devices which usually get your work done in a very organized, timely manner with complete mobility. When Computer capabilities and mobile demands are combined together, the end result is a Smart-Phone. A phone which can do much more than what people today may ever want it to do. It can store your numerous contacts, help schedule appointments, set up a memo or reminder for a meeting, compose or forward a mail, carry out conference call, create and edit documents and so much more. Yes, I am intentionally speaking with regards to the needs and demands of a business executive, a corporate manager and maybe even a politician. Better administration is something which became synonymous with PDAs. The effect of such can be very well gauged from the fact that one of Americas President Mr. Barack Obama cannot do away with his Blackberry.

While there are many Smart-Phones out there which are much smarter than the one used by the President, the question here is, which of the Smart-Phone would you choose for yourself as a business executive. Which will be the best mobile phone out there which can help you manage best your schedule, your clientele, your company and even help you in delegation of work. This article seeks to figure out all the options which an executive considers before buying a Smart-Phone and stay smart in business and administrative competition. The article will detail the features that are most crucial from the point of working of any corporate entity like a manager or even a socially responsible entity like a politician and largely the media entity like journalists and film stars.

The things most sought after in an executive class mobile phone are as follows.

This is the most basic requirement in an executive class cell phone. It helps the individual plan everything well ahead of time. Since business transactions or even meetings cannot be held on holidays, this facility becomes crucial, thankfully it present in all mobile phones. This feature is best offered in HTC Desire, Motorola Milestone, Nokia E72, HTC Hero, Nokia E75, Nokia 5800 XpressMusic, Samsung i8910 (Omnia HD), Nokia X6 16GB, Nokia N8, Nokia N97 mini and HTC Touch Pro 2.

A business day without a To-Do list is like leading a life without a reason. There needs to be prioritized working task to perform, only that brings in profits. HTC Desire, Motorola Milestone, HTC Hero, HTC Touch Pro 2 and Samsung Galaxy S are the portable computing devices which are best suited for this.

Business talk needs to be crystal clear, the clarity aspect needs to be there, else the deal is bound to go down. Nobody wants to do business with an unclear, less receptive person or organization. From this certain aspect Nokia 5800 XpressMusic, Nokia X6 16GB and Nokia N8 are best suitable.

While all Smart-Phones have email capabilities, the question is which one is the best to use. Better the email client the less would be work fatigue. Apple iPhone 4, HTC Desire, Motorola Milestone, Nokia E72, HTC Hero, Nokia E75, Nokia N86 8MP, Nokia N8, HTC Touch Pro 2 and Samsung Galaxy S are the best devices for mailing operations.

Life without Internet is simply not done. Even the executives require net to get hold of the latest events like social turmoil, national tragedy, stock index and more. Apple iPhone 4, HTC Desire, Motorola Milestone have the best web browsers and provide comparable better experience for mobile browsing.

Thankfully all Smart-Phones ave the best of connectivity options and if a phones does not have them then it really cannot be called a Smart-Phone.

Apple iPhone 4 beats all other Smart-Phones in this particular element. Its the fastest Smart-Phone around. Speed is quite an essential part of the entire executive demands from a Smart-Phone.

Creation and editing of documents is something an administrator truly needs while on-the-go. The best of this feature can be found with Nokia E72 and Nokia E75.

This may come as a surprise but such a characteristic is very important considering that an executive would need to type a lot at times and given the small size of the type-pad, it would become irritating if the text entry speed is not good enough. Nokia E75 and HTC Touch Pro 2 provide the fastest text entry speed.

For business executives, cost of the phone hardly matters, as they are considerably rich folks. The above discussed features are usually the benchmarks which executive class people look into while buying the phone. If you share the same interests then this article is just for you.

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The needs and demands of executive class people from a Smart-Phone

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