Things to look out for while buying a mobile phone

Things to look out for while buying a mobile phone

Things that one should definitely look out for before buying a mobile phone, tips in choosing the best cell phones amongst the available ones in the market.

Buying a mobile phone is like having a transition into a new lifestyle altogether. Just the way you are known according to the people you hang out with, you are interpreted according to the cell phone which you carry with yourself. Usually blackberry is associated with the executive types or people who want to stay connected wit others all the time, iPhone is associated with the fun loving, easy going types, Nokia executive class phones and android based phones are associated with serious productive people, the simple phones are usually associated with technology immune types. The style in which you use your phone, speaks volumes about you. And when you buy a phone which does not perform the tasks which according to you it should, then the disappointment clearly shows on your face as well as the mobile phone usage, irrespective of how costly or cheap that mobile device maybe. Mobile buying is a tedious job and the kind of variety that is present in the market these days makes it an even more difficult choice to make.

While you may have been choosing the best selling phone as your preferred phone for the last decade, but in this new era, the game changes. Today brand does not carry so much importance as the functionality of the phone. The break neck competition among mobile manufacturers like Nokia, Samsung, LG, RIM, Sony Ericsson, Apple, HTC and Motorola have opened up immense choice opportunities for cell phone buyers. Development of Open-Source platforms like Android and Symbian has only boosted this scenario. While Windows operating system, BlackBerry OS (operating system) and iOS i.e. iPhone Operating system remain non-open-source they are giving ample amount of competition to the the market leader and best performer. The consumer really feels a need to understand Which phone would be best suited for him?. The question is simple, but the options are too many. Following tips will help the end user understand the essential need of a mobile phone, and help him choose the best mobile phone to use for himself. This will guarantee not just more product satisfaction but it will also add attachment and self life to the mobile usage.

This is the most important aspect which determines what phone you will end up buying. While mobile phones are available in various price ranges, how much a consumer can afford becomes the penultimate question to answer. Budget range can eliminate up to 95 percent of available choice models, depending upon how small the budget range is. Unless the need is urgent or if one wants to wait for a new favorite mobile model launch, one rarely buys a cheap phone. Buying a cheaper phone is a social risk as the society tends to ridicule people many a times after ascertaining the low cost.

While one can endure talk about physical size in various personal subjects, but with regards to mobile buying - it does matter a lot. Nobody wants to roam around with a super broad and bulky phone, nobody wants to carry a phone which cannot be held properly or is too heavy for any reason. The more sleek a mobile phone is, the sexier it looks. While these days everybody wants to have a broad screen mobile phone, too much of breadth makes it very unappealing and inconvenient to carry around. While QWERTY phones will always be a bit broad, their physical size is expected to be maintained in certain limits. Sometimes people especially girls prefer clamp-shell (folding) type phones more, while some just love the sliding ones. The dimensions of the phone helps a lot in choosing the favorite usable phone.

The Touch Screen phones were a craze sometime back, but given the ergonomics of texting the QWERTY phones have recently become the hot favorites. QWERTY keypad set mobile phones provide better usability compared to touch screen ones but yet still the individual preference may differ. Touch Screen phones are best pics for gravity sensing games and 3D operations however they are also comparatively costlier. QWERTY is best suited for SMSing, emailing, internet and chatting while Touch Screens are more suited for rich user interface experience and even the latest touch based gaming. A new brand of Touch plus QWERTY input system hybrid phones are now being sold by Nokia and Samsung. The hybrid phones tend to have the best qualities of both, however this does have an effect on the size and processing of the phone.

Some people are very concerned about these two things while buying a phone. Most of the people for whom these two things matter the most end up buying either an Android or Symbian based phone, the reason of course is the amount and variety of features offered by the phone. Symbian OS has been there for a longer time and its used in the most productive way but Android is new and is already making all the positive awe waves. With availability of apps which solve almost all problems, this aspect becomes an important consideration before buying.

There are many reasons why these two terms are used together. Connectivity refers to all the connection capabilities which a cell phone may have with regard to the available network. While 3G and WLAN enabled phones are hot stuff these days, soon their position will be taken over by 4G i.e. WiMax. Compatibility in this case becomes more important as the device then needs to work with many applications and extra network hardware, which can range from A2DP Bluetooth head-sets to the compatibility with the Wi-Fi router. The mobile becomes a piece of junk if the compatibility is not sorted out. Such a thing comes to notice only a month or more after buying and it tends to fuel regrets about the buying decision.

The hardware specs of mobiles are getting better everyday, with better processor, more RAM and more storage space, this allows the manufacturer to add more powerful cameras and better sound output hardware to the mobile. Gone are the days when VGA cameras used to be the standard one, these days one expects at-least a 2 MP (mega-pixel) camera even on a budget phone. While it is possible to buy a phone with 12 MP camera resolution along with LED flash, the exponential cost makes it a distant dream. However costs will soon lower with better technology being applied. Stereo surround output via headphones is nowadays a standard to expect, anything less is simply junk.

Generally on a universal basis,people prefer to buy a black mobile phone, as its a common trend, but specifically speaking about girls, they just love the color pink and would only buy the phone which is available in the given color. Fiery red is also a common choice. This is usually the last thing which people look into for buying a mobile phone but it has many a times caused people to change their choice if their preferred color variant is not available.

Apart from the above discussed aspects or rather said conditions, one also considers standby time, talk time, Gaming capabilities, FM and GPS functionality before buying. If you are planning to buy a mobile phone,make sure that you go through all these things before buying, else you might end up with a mobile which you would be cursing everyday while calling it as useless piece of junk. The mobile market is huge, there may not be something specific to your need but there will definitely be something similar to your need. The brand power these days has in a way waned away. While Nokia has enjoyed the market leader position for long, it is getting tough competition from other manufacturers. Brand power is the least criteria that is looked up today unless you hail from a Tier 2 or Tier 3 city. The mobile revolution is on, you just have to choose how you get in it when you buy your new cell phone. The tips are just an aggregation of personal experiences. The final decision will and should always be yours alone. Best of luck in buying a new phone. It most probably will be your prized possession at-least for sometime.

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