Useful mobile Softwares

Useful mobile Softwares

Curious case of missing useful mobile softwares in a mobile phone. Listing of various applications that can be installed in the phone for increasing productivity.

Okay, so you have bought a mobile phone, it has pre-installed applications and softwares. It has shortcuts to social apps like facebook, YouTube, Flickr etc , a default mobile web browser, GPS navigation software and maps, a music player and a file manager. But are all these applications enough for your mobile needs? For some yes! But then for many others out there, these set of softwares are simply not enough. A lot of useful softwares are missing from the original phone offering and the only way to get those is to download and install them in your phone.

Below we will discuss all the applications which a phone would need installed in its memory system in order to regard it as a truly useful gadget.

Web Browsers: We all know that the default browser of a phone is highly insufficient to perform the complex task of web surfing. No matter how robust the default installed web browser is, it just does not beat browsers like Opera mini and UCweb in terms of speed and browsing options. It becomes necessary to download either of the two famous universal mobile browsers from the internet.

Games: A mobile usually comes pre-installed with three or more mobile games. These games are either full version ones or installed for trial basis use. In both the cases, its not necessary that we find these games interesting. There are games out there of different genres which we find more interesting and amusing, hence we always look out for more game downloads from the internet.

Text editor: This is one piece of software which is forever missing from all mobile phones. We all need text editors for one reason or the other. We cannot store all textual notes in our message draft folder hence a text editor becomes a necessity. Internet is full of free to download text editors, you can search and download any text editor that is compatible with your mobile phone.

File Managers: Some phones deliberately miss upon having a file manager. In the absence of a good file manager, various simple tasks such as transferring files from one location to another face hurdles. File manager is an extremely important and useful piece of software in every mobile phone.

Productive Apps: PDF file viewers, currency convertors, language translators, dictionary tool are all such useful softwares which are not necessarily found in all mobile phones. The absence of these apps forces us to either buy a software or grab a cracked copy of the same from internet.

It very strange that even when the above discussed applications are most important and useful software tools for every mobile, the mobile phone manufacturer intentionally misses upon having them pre-installed in the phone.

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Lists of useful apps for every phone that can be downloaded and installed from the internet. Important software that increases the value of a phone and its functions.

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whenever...i,wanna search anything\' throuhg pre install google from my\'s showing me unexpected failure....plse tell me what is the solution??
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