Useful tips to increase mobile battery life

Useful tips to increase mobile battery life

Useful insights tips and tricks to increase mobile battery life, saving power and increasing performance of mobile with minimum recharging. Increasing work life of Nokia, iPhone, SamSung, SonyEricsson, HTC, Android, Motorola, LG, Blackberry and more cell phones.

Mobile Phone Battery Life
Mobile Phones have become quintessential part of the social life. One can do gaming, social networking, blogging, media sharing, browsing, listening to music and much more on any multimedia enabled phone. All new phones and mostly the smart-phones are bundled with so many features that the cellular device can be quite conveniently called a portable computer. There in an upward increase in processor capabilities, memory allocations and even the screen sizes. All these features are dependent on the very basic thing that allows it portability i.e. the mobile phone battery. Without a battery power supply, the mobile just cannot operate. All performance related features require large amounts of power and this power is supplied by the core of the mobile phone i.e. the all powerful Li-On Battery.

Battery Power Efiiciency
While Ni-Cad (Nickel-Cadmium) Batteries have become obsolete for use with mobile phones, they may still be found in really old mobile phone models. The industry has moved on to accept a better battery technology involving Lithium Ion (Li-On) , this comparatively new brand of battery technology is more costlier but has better performance benefits like longer battery life, more accurate power output, lesser weight, better shape adaptability, no memory effect and lower self discharge rate of up to 5 - 10 percent per month. However there are certain disadvantages too - like temperature effect, high elevated temperatures during recharging, and being affected by ventilation.

Save Energy Power Supply
Power conservation is one very important concern with mobile phone batteries as they tend to wear out in their capacity levels a bit when recharged every-time. Also re-recharging becomes quite a problem in developing countries where power grids fail every now and then. African and South Asian countries being a prime example for consistent power outages. For these reasons and many more increasing mobile battery charge / life becomes more a necessity. Following are the ways by which mobile battery life can be increased:

Helpful Tips and Useful Tricks
1) Switch off applications or inner processes which are not important.processes like blue-tooth hog memory and processor which causes battery drain. Also one should switch off the GPRS, WiFi and Infrared lookout process which informs if the network capabilities are available. Cell broadcast similarly should not be activated and network selection should be kept at manual instead of automatic while in roaming. One should make use of offline mode when they know that they are going to be in an area where there would be no mobile connectivity. The same rule applies with keypad tones and vibration alerts.

Bright screen causes a lot of memory drain for LCD, TFT based screens. The screen brightness should be lowered to its minimum limits to save phone from heat drain. The phone should be kept at places which are cold but not too cold, this helps safeguard against power drain by heat system. The phone should be switched off when it is not meant to be used for at-least 6 hours. Frequent switch offs and switch ons of phones too may affect battery health and should be avoided. Keypad back-light should not be there for a long time. Such little acts save a lot of battery power,optimize performance and give the best of results.

Energy Saving is Environment Safeguard
Batteries technology bay far are almost the same for all mobile phones with a slight variation in size and output. Nokia has been known to be the leader in battery power technology, but other manufacturers like Research in Motion, Apple, Samsung, SonyEricsson, Siemens, LG, Motorola, HTC and new Android mobile variants. Following the above mentioned minimum guidelines one can easily increase their mobile phone battery life and get more value for their money, thus conserving electricity power and saving environment in process.

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