Austria T Mobile Free GPRS

Austria T Mobile Free GPRS

GPRS settings and free tricks for Austrian mobile telephony operator T-Mobile

T-Mobile Austria
T-Mobile is a German mobile telephone provider, owned by Deutsche Telekom. It operates several GSM networks in Europe and the United States. T-Mobile also has financial stakes in mobile operators in Central and Eastern Europe. Until 2000 T-Mobile was a shareholder of the former max.mobil. network. In April 2001 it acquired 100 percent and subsequently introduced the T-Mobile brand in Austria by rebranding max.mobil. in April 2002 as T-Mobile Austria.

Free GPRS settings for T-Mobile in Austria are as follows:

Internet settings name: T-Mobile GPRS
Network ID: Internet
Internet Settings Type: GPRS
GPRS access point name (APN): gprsmms
Username: (blank)
Password: (blank)
Homepage address:
Show images: Yes

Optional extra settings if required will be

One can use the above free GPRS settings for T-Mobile wireless mobile network in order to surf internet on their cell phone / mobility device. Subscription for GPRS services should however first be confirmed from the T-Mobile Customer service care. The GPRS connection details / trick provided above may not always work.

Austria Mobile Network
In 2005, it acquired former competitor tele.ring from Western Wireless International. It is now used as a discount brand.

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GPRS settings and free tricks for Austrian mobile operator T-Mobile

Poster: Samuel
Do these free GPRS setings really work? I guess the settings might work but one would not be able to browse free gprs on their phones.
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