Free Airtel GPRS trick

Free Airtel GPRS trick

Working trick for accessing GPRS on mobile free of cost without paying a rupee to Airtel India mobile network. Free browse and download on internet.

Airtel Mobile India
Bharti Televentures or rather said Airtel India Cellular operator was one of the first to promote GPRS i.e General Packet Ratio Service in India. When Internet access via GPRS was first introduced in India, there were very few takers as there were not too many people owning phones which could connect to the internet wirelessly. In those days since the demand was not too high Airtel provided unlimited access to internet via its GPRS service at nominal rates. Soon a lot of cheap smart phones were introduced in the Indian market and naturally GPRS started being heavily used for wireless access. Just like every other opportunistic corporation Airtel hiked the rates for its GPRS service.

The new rates were steep and were not affordable for many people. A majority of people stopped using GPRS to get connected with the internet. Few smart people however found a loophole in Airtel s per kb billing system and this loophole is now being used to access internet free of cost. The details of which are as follows

1)Register for Airtel Live service via the customer care (it is free)
2)Download Teashark browser (it is free of cost again)
3)Connect your device to the internet using The LIVE service
4)Use Tea-shark to browse

There are some known service initialization issues but nothing comes free without a little hard work. This trick is known to work with almost all the Symbian Operating system mobile phones. Users of iPhone, Android, Windows OS will not benefit from this free GPRS access trick. Tricks related to proxies may be helpful for them

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Working trick for accessing GPRS on mobile free of cost without paying a rupee to Airtel India mobile network

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Is a nice site,i like it.But what about other network in other counties,thank you.
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