Free Gprs Mobile Tricks

Free Gprs Mobile Tricks

Free Mobile GPRS Tricks. Method to minimize GPRS data transfer cost or even enjoy free GPRS service. The GPRS tricks explored, detailed and explained to fool mobile network billing systems.

Today, I received a mail from a Zimbabwean Econet GPRS subscriber gentleman mastreets asking me about server hosting and using free GPRS exploits. While I will be providing tips and tricks regarding GPRS data service in this specific article, I will however be covering the server hosting part in a different section. I also wish to apologize for not having a comment system for these articles, as it makes it inconvenient, but most of the times comments get filled with useless junk spam and hence it is not available here. Getting back to the main topic of mobile network GPRS service - The cheat-codes, hacks and exploits follow up in the next paragraphs.

Mobile Networks have gotten smarter within the last decade, their billing system has improved many folds as a result even developing economies / nations enjoy mobile network technologies which are at par with the ones in developed countries like USA and UK. The tricks to send free sms have since long time vanished but have been replaced with a cheaper sms rate and some free bulk smsing sites. A similar change has been brought in the GPRS service segment where the data access costs have reduced considerably but the exploits and hacks for free mobile internet browsing have only become rare or disappeared. The following are the most basic tricks for free mobile GPRS access, they may not work on all mobile networks worldwide but they sure will hopefully work on some.

This is by far the oldest trick to access free internet on mobile phone, sadly it also rarely works these days as it has been so old and naive. The trick is to get hold of one url (site address) which is not charged by the operator. For example: It can be (this is just an example) which might be free of cost to access on Econet mobile network as the site actually belongs to the parent company. So what we will do here is that we will add an @ sign after the url and then add the main url / site address which you wish to visit. i.e. If you wish to visit you will need to type and magically you will land up at This trick somewhat fools your GPRS service provider regarding the address which you want to visit. The trick used to work 100 percent sure earlier but now its a bit difficult to predict how it would fare with different networks of the world like Vodafone, Hutch, Airtel, Vodacom, MTN, Idea, Reliance, T-Mobile, Verizon and more. It is however definitely worth a try. Please keep in mind that only http requests will be possible via this trick and ssl, ftp, instant messenger service will not work with it

Sometimes within the GPRS settings we find a note from service provider mentioning us to have an 80 primary proxy port set in order to access GPRS, such a system can be exploited to access free GPRS service manually as well as via an application client like Teashark Mobile Web Browser. The logic behind such a browsing is that, your mobile pone accesses websites in parts via the 80 proxy port which enables it to surpass any detection of usage. Manually you can access any site for free of cost by adding :80 after the domain name and extension. For example: While adding :80 post number after each url domain, its more logical to use the TeaShark Browser which follows the same pattern and saves your cost. This Free GPRS trick works for most mobile networks around the world and especially was a hyped up flaw for the Airtel Live Service.

Https Sites are secure sites which require as well as provide a ssl certificate of access authentication. It is found that its free to surf such sites on certain few mobile networks, including that of UK and some parts of Europe. The success of such a trick is a boon but it hardly makes any difference as 98 percent of mobile websites do not follow the https service request protocol. Hence this trick may be working but it is dud when the quotient of usability arises.

Mobile networks have changed the way they do their billing these days. The subscriber bears burnt if he accesses GPRS service without being subscribed to any GPRS subscription Plans. The best way to avoid being charged much is to subscribe to the GPRS plan in its infancy introductory stage and adhere to it. Most mobile networks globally follow a system to upkeep a subscription plan unless the subscriber opts for a competent new service or unsubscribes from it. Another method is to maintain a nil balance sheet i.e zero account balance and then trying to access the service. The last alternative for free mobile internet browsing / surfing is hacking into the mobile network intranet server and never paying a penny to them. The last resort seems preposterous, and should not be resorted to.

Since free GPRS browsing has become a scarce opportunity, its better to employ means to save data usage by following certain set of actions like:
1) Disable images in the mobile web browser.
2) Browse only .mobi or mobile optimized sites.
3) Use a bandwidth saver application like Opera mini.
4) Etc... Etc
I will be detailing such tips within the next GPRS tricks article, till then you may try and enjoy free browsing via any of the above methods. Just please make sure if the network is charging you with any credit cost before you start using these cheat-codes on a massive scale. Since no system is free from loop-holes, more GPRS access tricks are bound to come up in future, so have us bookmarked in your browser, as we will be sharing those free GPRS tricks wit the entire world.

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The system of billing followed by mobile network providers for billing GPRS usage. Free Mobile GPRS Tricks to use.

Poster: Free GPRS
This is a really great collection of free GPRS tricks. All methods to fool mobile networks and bypass their billing system have been well documented. I will try these free GPRS access tricks with my mobile network provider. If you find any more free mobile internet access tricks then please post here.

Poster: Proxy GPRS
I like the proxy mobile free access stuff that is. I will try it on my orange mobile network. Is there any other way to fool the mobile networks and access internet for free on mobile?

Poster: Cool Tricks
Thanks for adding cool GPRS mobile tricks. My network T-Mobile charges me a hell lot for internet access on my iPhone. With these new tricks I will be able to save a load of dollars. You rock man! keep these tricks comming, I like such posts.

Poster: JJJ
its very usefull for javascript enabled mobiles. But its not suitable for a wap mobile or gprs

Poster: davidsand
hi am in uganda(africa)can u plse help me get free gprs settings for any of these networks.ORANGE,MTN ,UGANDA TELECOM,AIRTEL,WARID.thanx

Poster: Samrockerz
Iam happy 2 see ur useful free gprs trick in your site and iam thankful 2 u.these tricks dont work in my mobile.if u dont feel hesitate i like u 2 help me to provide free gprs trick for my mobile operator\'s ip and port 8000.

Poster: Mangii Tarii
Can any on help me get free internet on my phone, nokia c2-01. My country name is papua new guinea. My ISP is digicepng. Reply back on my gmail acount:
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