India Vodafone free GPRS trick

India Vodafone free GPRS trick

Free GPRS trick applicable to Vodafone cellular network subscribed mobile phones in India works with Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, iPhone, LG, Motorola, Blackberry etc

Vodafone India Mobile
Its now possible to enjoy free GPRS services on Vodafone India cellular network. All you need to do is download GPRS connection settings or just call up Vodafone customer care and ask them to give you their Vodafone Live settings. Once you get those settings on your cell phone which may be a Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, iPhone, LG, Motorola, Blacberry or any other phone you have to make the following changes

Two settings are being listed below, one of them will most probably work out smoothly

Proxy = yes /enabled
Proxy IP add =
Authentic = Normal
Bearer = packed data
Home page =

Setting 2:
Proxy = yes OR Enabled
Proxy IP ADD. =
Bearer = Packed data
Port = 9401
Connection name / Profile Name = HUTCH_GPRS
Homepage =

Use the access point as portalnmms. One of the above two tricks will work with your phone, visit again laters to see if there is a new trick out just in case this trick stops working.
Please note that this trick is only for Vodafone India Mobile network GPRS service.
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Free Gprs trick applicable to vodafone cellular network subscribed mobile phones in India.

Poster: Alzamil
While trying to activate the free 2GB trick,a message after another one(ur card will be activated in 24hrs)saying-sorry the recharge could not be proceeded,low account balance,please recharge and try again.HENCE THE TRICK WAS A FAILURE
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