Reliance mobile communications free GPRS

Reliance mobile communications free GPRS

Free GPRS smart setting for accessing internet on reliance communications mobile phone

Reliance Mobile Communications
The number two largest subscriber base mobile telephony giant in India and overall 16th largest mobile service provider in the world, Reliance Mobile communications provides a solid and very consumer friendly mobile telephony service. Reliance mobile already offers free GPRS net connection for new subscribers for first 3 months. After a period of 3 months the service provider charges about Rs 10 per day, the speeds of which have been found to be really good. Access to sites on mobile web is much fast compared to similar service provided by other mobile telephony companies.

Rs. 10 per day to access a mobile site even while it is cheaper than what other leading service providers are offering looks way too costly when there is already a trick to surf net at a nil cost. For this same reason a smart setting was created to access GPRS internet at zero cost via cell phones. Speeds of this network access system are found to be 30-35 kbps on mobile phone

Smart GPRS Setting
The Smart GPRS settings found for various reliance mobile communications are as follows

For Reliance SMARTWAP:
Account name : SMARTWAP
Access point name: SMARTWAP
Home page:
Wapgateway proxy IP address:
Port: 8080

For Reliance SMARTNET:
Account name: SMARTNET
Access point name: SMARTNET
Home page:
Wapgateway proxy IP address:
Port: 8080

For Reliance MMS:
Account name: RTLMMS
Access point name:MMS
Wapgateway IP:
Port: 9401

Reliance Mobile GPRS
Using the above mentioned tricks the end subscriber will be able to use free GPRS. This trick may not work on few mobile phones or in few network circles, user is advised to check the trick with a minimum data consumption and re-check account after GPRS net connect usage.

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Free smart GPRS setting for reliance mobile net connect

Poster: Free GPRS
Reliance has been providing good GPRS service which is worth the asking price. Free GPRS from Reliance Mobile would be an even better offering btw.
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