AdIquity unprofessional mobile advertisement sends spam

AdIquity unprofessional mobile advertisement sends spam

All the reasons to avoid mobile advertising with AdIquity. An Advertisement network which posts fake reviews about itself and spams mobile web publishers.

Coming from the stables of self proclaimed search giant comes a new advertising network by the name AdIquity. A name which will put most writers into a dilemma about how exactly was such a confusing name chosen for an advertising portal. Most of the time it gets quoted as AdQuity instead of AdIquity. As an Advertising and Publishing Network and Agent, there needs to be a catchy name so that the business can attract attention, but it seems that the global spammer Guruji Network has run out out ideas and even business logic. With twin branding going on by the name AdQuity and AdIquity, the mobile advertisement portal has only added more confused people regarding its existence.

Guruji network has already brought in a lot of shame for the Global Indian through its alleged spamming techniques and insipid search engine. Adding to its woes of logically dysfunctional search engine, Guruji Inc has jumped in mobile advertising. Just as they bring in bad taste for the tag Indian Search Engine they have brought more flak by resorting to spam and fake reviews for their mobile advertising start-up. One can hardly blame them for following the age old route of spamming in forums, writing fake reviews, making untimely phone calls to the contact numbers associated with domains and lastly sending bulk of spam mails. You name any inconvenient means followed by web companies and you will end up finding that Guruji has already committed that unethical act. I myself have received unsolicited spam mails from them to prove all these allegations.

After InMobi and MobiAdz, AdIquity was supposed to deliver as a world class mobile advertising from India, but it has been doing the opposite. With very low payment for each click, it hardly makes a mark in the mobile advertisement sphere. While InMobi has matured into a truly professional mobile advertisement network, AdIquity has failed to do the same. The executives in charge of promoting AdIquity have resorted to unprofessional spamming of mobile coding forums with fake reviews. The worst is that they end up calling the network as a safe mobile advertising portal which it is not especially when considering the very low click rates. On one hand where Admob provides great PPC rates, AdIquity is paying only peanuts.

One mobile site publisher from UK ended up receiving calls from AdIquity at around 4 am. While it may have been 9.30 am in India for the call to be made, the tele-callers should have at-least applied brains to calculate the safe time for calling a foreign country which is more than 5 hours behind the local time. These folks have no idea about how business should be done. In the end they give India a bad name for customer service and professionalism. It is recommended for small publishers to avoid publishing Ads from AdIquity unless and until they are desperate enough to eat peanuts as lunch. For its spam, fake reviews, lies and utter unprofessional-ism, its safe to give them a miss .period. Its not logical to sell traffic to such a network if it indulges in activities which would cause publishers to hate it. One can always advertise with Inmobi or Admob for a change. These two mobile advertisement networks (Admob, Inmobi) are well established ones and will deliver you really great service and good payments too. Avoid AdIquity if you do not wish to get duped for your share of mobile traffic.

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Avoid AdIquity - An unprofessional spammer Mobile Advertisement Network.

Poster: Adiquity Support
Hello, We regret the negative experience you\'ve had with Adiquity. We have made a note of your observations and will look into it. For the record, we have NEVER had any fake reviews on any of the forums/sites. Adiquity generates 2 Billion Impressions/month through several hundred publishers with traffic from 150+ countries. We realize the importance of the faith entrusted by our publisher partners, and are keen to understand from you about your negative experience.

Poster: Darkwap Admin
Whatever has been written, is from observation, experience and things said by collegues and regular folks regarding your network. Its for them that you need to improve the service. Just accept it as a bad feedback for AdIquity.

Poster: Murli
They paid me only 5 dollars for 623 clicks. Their advertisement system is worst. I recommend that nobody use them as mobile advertisers. Adiquity sucks!

Poster: Mobile Advert
Hi darkwap admin. Before writing some stupid comments. first think that whether u can develop and launch an ad network like anyone. You have been spitting venoms on new launched ad networks. you are the biggest fraud publisher i have ever seen.since u did fraud clicks to generate good revenues and if the ad networks block u.. u would write a forum saying that the ad network is a spam.better u start ur own ad network. and join all ur bunch of bull shit small publishers with u.. to earn money. if

Poster: DarkWap Admin
At-least I am not stooping to the level of threatening mobile bloggers. Your intimidation is uncalled for, it would have been wise if you had posted by your real name at Adiquity, I would have gotten in touch with you personally.

Poster: Navigateur
Hahaha so funny. This Adiquity guy thinks he can pretend he\'s not from Adiquity. To think I was actually considering joining Adiquity while comparing to other networks. Darkwap, you\'ve done many people a great service by this blog. Mobile publishers must avoid Adiquity for the sheer STUPIDITY of its operative who posted the embarrassing drivel against Darkwap. Could they embarrass their nation any more? I bet the claims of how many ads served etc. plus other statements by them must also be fra
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