AdSenator A powerful Ad Server for serving Ads

AdSenator A powerful Ad Server for serving Ads

Serve Ads according to your wish. Do not depend on Ad Networks to generate income. Manage site and server ads to get maximum revenue from your mobile and website. Utilize site traffic in the best possible way.

Are you a mobile or PC website owner? Dont you get angry when people demand for an unfair link exchange? Does not it boil your blood when affiliate systems suck up your web traffic and yet pay you peanuts? It takes hard-work, time and dedication to build a site which performs, gets web traffic and provides the perfect navigation system. Then later you add affiliate links, which promise to pay you some but then they incidentally do not pay. This makes one redo all the advertisement linking, and makes it a nightmare for folks who have static content. A solution for proper link exchange, for a self controlled mobile and PC based advertising now exists. The very name of this self advertising management network is ADSENATOR

AdSenator is a powerful Ad Server for both desktop and mobile sites. It is a PHP and MySQL driven Ad Server that will manage your entire advertising inventory and automatically govern which Ads are shown when and to whom. The Self managed Ad Server system has been coded with the most optimized php coding and works way better than any Google or Admob driven advertisement system. Its something akin to House Ads or alternate ads system but much more useful and phenomenally more useful.

The AdSenator System can be used to accurately target demographics, age, location and even gender of the site visitor. Apart from being the best in class visitor analyzer it is a great advertising tool too. When a user visits your site, he ends up unknowingly giving his country location, his Geolocation, his browsing actions, the place from were he got referred to the site, his preferences and so much more. When you know exactly who the user is and what that user wants, you can easily target the user with CPA, CPC or CPM based advertising models and convert him into a customer for any paid service. Since you already are able to predict the needs of the potential consumer, you most probably will not let a great customer go away without doing the proper brand awareness or a sales pitch at him.

Since with Adsenator you get to know the user browser capabilities, you can decide upon directing the user to a secure or a non secure transaction method. This is greatly helpful especially when one is found using a non standard browser or a mobile browser.You can send unwanted traffic through top-lists, traffic exchangers and other such sites in order to bring in worthy customers and loyal site followers.

The better part of Adsenator is the way you can schedule tasks or actions. Its like setting a Cron Job of advertising activities on a server. AdSenator program increases your Ad effectiveness and makes sure that no scarce and crucial web traffic gets wasted in anyway.

You can select standard advertising banner system like IAB or MMA formats which are highly approved in the web industry. AdSenator even has provisions to add a relation tag attribute to your advertisement link. In this way you can decide upon whether to transfer PR juice to the linking site or to conserve your own Page Rank. AdSenator has provisions to have the highest value Ad to be shown first and then later a lesser value ad. This makes sure that you get the highest returns from your internet property which can be a blog or a forum.

AdSenator is speed conscious, it will make sure that your site performance comes first and will never ruin the web experience of your loyal site followers. Just like a honest Senator, AdSenator provides provisions to punish guilty folks like fraud clickers but not counting their clicks and even going to the limit of blacklisting IPs and IP Ranges to avoid any possible fraudulent action.

For people bugged with crappy, advertising systems, unworthy affiliates - for such folks AdSenator is the perfect choice. Its free to try, you need to pay for it only if you wish to upgrade its few special premium features. Do not miss upon the opportunity to use this Advertising program for free, after all all you need is just a simple registration.

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A powerful Ad Server for serving Ads

Poster: Geratude
I downloaded this free ad server. I would say that it is fabulous. Its so powerful, i get to do all my tasks, i can control the way traffic flows through my site. Its an effective ad management tool.
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