Adiquity Mobile Advertising Network review

Adiquity Mobile Advertising Network review

An updated review of Adiquity mobile advertisement network. A special sneak into the Guruji network functioning which includes intimidation of publishers and low payment. A marketing network which scams wapmasters.

Corporations and Organizations in civilized world are meant to be dignified and well socialized; this statement however does not hold truth with regard to Adiquity mobile advertising network. Darkwap very recently faced a flare of abusive and intimidating comments from Adiquity for publishing true facts about its mobile advertising network as a whole. This article will revolve as well as evolve around the system called Adiquity. A well researched review will be placed in accordance with all the malaise actions of this network.

To start with this review of Adiquity, let us look at its background. If one is to remember a web search portal called, which shot itself to fame over here in India by hijacking browsers of almost every other cyber cafe - Adiquity comes from these same folks. Their organization in its very basic form believes in spamming and recently has started to believe in harassing as well as intimidation.

The new breeds of marketing executives at Adiquity are of the opinion that ambush marketing works in their favor. These executives do not realize that persistent irritating spam spewing from their emails eventually becomes a reason for publishers to ignore them. They have very successfully brought down their brand value by pestering wapmasters with junk emails gratifying their mobile advertisement product offering. At times these executives have even been caught red handed writing fake reviews about Adiquity network capacity and performance metrics.

Garbage spewing and consistent spamming hardly cover up tracks when wapmasters come out strongly criticizing the network, its efficiencies and deliverable capacity. These few months there has been a string of claims from ex-Adiquity publishers about the network for scamming them. Executives of Adiquity stay in touch with the publisher till the last minute ditching. They are sweet enough to provide an update that the due payment would be made, but sadly the payment never happens.

Their computed Cost Per Click is so less than one could earn more by simply selling peanuts on Indian streets. The network treats its publishers, literally akin to beggars. A mobile web advertisement publisher would have to beg with Adiquity for his legitimate due payment yet this network ends up ditching the publisher upon whose efforts they become eligible for consumption of AD inventory.

If you are a publisher who did not have any experience with them then, be informed of this review that Adiquity is not worth it, it never was worth it. A frustrated executive from Adiquity ended up lambasting us as fraud and scammer when most probably he got fired from his job for failing to level up a bench mark. The debate that he put up was that - we publishers do not realize the amount of pain and money that is required to be put up in order to set up a functional advertising network. My reply for that ill mannered executive is - hard work is valuable work in every form, if Adiquity thinks that small publishers are not worth the effort then that company should best stop spamming our mail boxes, inviting us to join its crippled network. The IP of the executive in concern was traced to India in a location not very far away from the place of work of Adiquity in Mumbai.

The final verdict is that Adiquity is a network which is worth a miss especially if one does not want to waste time around an Indian mobile network which is highly motivated in ruining the Indian image. Guruji Network was never worth having faith into and Adiquity certifies this notion for my review. Be scammed, be blamed, be looted - Adiquity will do it all for you. It is a shame that such a network called Adiquity even exists on internet.

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A scamming network run by Guruji web search executives. A mobile advertising organization which pays really less to its loyal publishers. A complete review of Adiquity.

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