Admob Mobile advertising Earning from mobile publishing site

Admob Mobile advertising Earning from mobile publishing site

Earning money from the leading mobile advertisement publishing network - Admob. Mobile / wap site monetize as well as marketing. Earn money from cell phone clicks.

Approximately 3 billion people of the total 6 billion people on this planet own a mobile phone. Out of these three billion people approximately 30 percent people own a smart phone capable of browsing the mobile internet or what is usually called as WAP which is an acronym for Wireless Access Protocol. Most of these people end up surfing the internet via their mobile phone.

Unlike iPhone which is a more powerful mobile device, many people use a standard mobile phone with a standard web browser. These people usually start browsing either through the pay per download multimedia portal offered by their respective cellular networks or just browse to Google which has become a synonym for search. At one point or other they stumble upon mobile sites providing free mobile content. Such sites can be setup by anybody- You as well as Me. But hosting such sites requires a web server for which one needs to pay as they do not come cheap. After paying money for hosting a site what is the point in having high traffic if you cant earn even a single penny from your site? That is where Admob comes into play.

Admob helps you earn something i.e if a visitor to your site stumbles upon a link and clicks it. But for that you first need to register with Admob as an advertisement publisher. The beauty of Admob is that even while you register as a publisher you can later publish your own ads on other sites from the money you earned with the help of Admob.

Follow the following steps to earn money from your wap / mobile site by letting Admob do the marketing on your site.
1)First create a WAP site using any of the popular dynamic coding languages like PHP, ASP, Python etc
2)Add some content to your site which will attract a decent number of visitors
3)Make sure the content added is mobile browsing friendly
4)Register at Admob as a publisher
5)Get the ad code to integrate it with your site
6)Integrate the code, and start earning while you do nothing much

These simple easy steps will help you earn some money from your cell phone accessible site, but you will have to do some of your site marketing by yourself. Where there is no pain - there is no gain

Even while there are other mobile publishing companies like Google adsense, Buzzcity, Inmobi etc Admob is the best for ad publishing. Admob pays via PayPal and also cheques if PayPal is not available in a certain country so even if you are from Bangladesh, Somalia, Bhutan you will receive money from them. Why wait? Start earning now!

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Earning money from Admob mobile advertisement publishing network. Mobile site monetize as well as marketing.

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