Admob facing outage due to excessive overload

Admob facing outage due to excessive overload

Rare Server Outage on Admob Mobile Advertising Network. Overload and downtime on servers owing to increase in publishers and advertisers for the portal.

It would be fine enough to find Admob having an outage when it was a private organization, but after being taken over by Google,its very strange to find out that it suffers an outage sometimes.

Since Admob is a wholly owned subsidiary of Google Inc. people would expect Google powering the servers of Admob. Given that Google Severs rarely face outage or downtime, finding Admob suffering from it was very unexpected. Its rumored that Google has servers powerful enough to run the entire internet web on them and here Admob faced an outage. The proof pic of the outage can be found below.

Admob Outage Downtime
This outage strangely had noting to do with ad-serving. DarkWap portal has Admob Ads showcased on it and during the downtime, the ads were being displayed properly with error whatsoever. While the dashboard of Admob was inaccessible during the outage, the time taken for procuring ad from the advertising network was just slightly more, compared to the average load time taken. Thus this outage rarely affected any of the mobile sites sowing Admob Ads, its just the GUI which didnt let in access, but still its something which a publisher or advertiser may not like when they wish to login to buy ad inventory or check their publisher earnings.

Admob is by-far the best mobile advertising network out there and since its a property of Google Inc, its fine to expect that such outages will be a thing of past soon. The unscheduled outage in many ways reflects the pace at which Admob is growing. With every increasing market share for Admob, such temporary outages are justifiable owing to server overloading. After all publishers love to be associated with the number 1 mobile advertising network out there.

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Outage at Admob Mobile Advertising portal.

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