Admob now using Google Ads servers

Admob now using Google Ads servers

Google servers powering Admob advertising graphical banners. More powerful and faster mobile ad serving than ever before. Better load management and content delivery from Admob.

If you are a regular reader of DarkWap advertisement section, then you must have already read our article about Admob server load causing delay in analytics data. This Article is just an extension update article feature upon the few changes which I have noticed with Admob Ad serving platform.

Admob servers were under heavy loads, and why should not that be expected as the world wakes up to the potential of mobile advertising. Admob was doing just fine with managing its server loads until very recently when its usage spiked unexpectedly. The excessive load was so much that Admob started delaying the computing of its publisher analytics data. The more recent move at publishing Graphical Ads from Google Ad servers endorses the point that Admob business has been booming.

There is an acute shortage of good mobile advertising agencies. Apple iAds turned out to be quite a flop show with advertisers not wanting to pay huge sums. Admob remains the only brand-able option then for the advertisers to put faith into for quality advertising and for the publisher to put faith into for a high ad inventory. Admob mobile ad publishing system was quite a hit when it was one of a kind quality mobile advertising platform, it still holds it market number one position tho.

Its a known fact that Google employs the best server technology and it possibly has the most strategic Content Delivery Network (CDN) across the globe. With Admob publishing advertisements across the globe, it becomes more of a convenience to utilize Google s servers to publish graphical banners which take up maximum resources. With such a move Admob would relieve itself from probably 70 percent of its current load. Single its Google technology content delivery technology that is being employed to serve ads, the sites which have ads published from Admob turn out to load faster than ever before.

People may have been dismayed by the cold customer support that Admob provides in case of a problem, but they will certainly rejoice to find that Admob s technical problems are being taken care of by Google and that better interactive mobile advertising may see the daylight after-all. We still wish and hope that Admob becomes more user friendly in terms of customer service.

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Server technology prowess of Google now backing Admob mobile advertising platform. Better and faster ad publishing from Admob.

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