Admob server load causing delay in analytics data

Admob server load causing delay in analytics data

Delayed analysis of web trends and website reporting from Admob owing to heavy server loads. Importance of Analytics data for mobile webmasters to optimize performance and business conversions.

If you are a mobile site publisher and have been using Admob Analytics to determine web user behaviour, preference, trends and affinity with web pages and search engines, then you sure must have noticed the delayed analysis report from Admob. While this may prove that Admob is the most preferred mobile advertisement network, (courtesy to this unexpected high load on servers) it also calls for Google to look into server management and data store technologies of its subsidiary arm i.e. Admob.

So what exactly is analytics? The answers lies below!
A simple definition of analytics is the science of analysis. A practical definition, however, would be that analytics is the process of obtaining an optimal or realistic decision based on existing data. Business managers may choose to make decisions based on past experiences or rules of thumb, or there might be other qualitative aspects to decision making; but unless there are data involved in the process, it would not be considered analytics.

After reading the above statement, one would immediately consider the importance of Analytics for business and management purposes, but may fail to understand its significance with regard to mobile web. The quotient to such a curiosity lies with the fact that; mobile web ultimately is a commercialized entity. Everybody wants to get more people visiting their mobile sites. Mobile webmasters create mobile sites either as a hobby or many a times to be their easy cash-cows. There is a whole lot of money involved in mobile site creation and monetization, this statement can be endorsed by the fact that Google bought Admob for nearly 750 million USD.

Analytics itself forms the earning gateway for various business analytics software companies. As an assorted industry - there exists search analytics, web marketing analytics, urchin web analytics, real time web analytics, analytics software, web analytics tool, business analytics and so on. Analytic business intelligence as a result has been a booming industry. What concerns a regular user more is getting the best web analytics. Admob was considered the best for mobile web, but its overloaded servers call for an alternate web analytics solution.

For people who invest into advertisement campaigns, for them their campaign analytics is very crucial to measure the effectiveness and lead conversion. Apart from web traffic analytics, there exists various other different forms of analytics which are relevant to their own respective industry. Hosted analytics is relevant to hosting providers and customers to measure the performance of a site. Email analytics is crucial for email based advertisers, however such a system is getting more relevant with spam and thus is getting outdated. Reporting analytics being used to create an overview about performance in various sales based industry. Call center analytics is used to track down the number of calls, leads and their effective conversion ratio. Ecommerce analytics for E-commerce based sites dealing with online shopping. Thus Analytics has become an integral part of almost all industries, be it virtual or materialistic.

On the web, for what it is worth, Analytics forms a important part of webmaster tools. It provides a perfect gateway into mobile web trends. Web statistics which are crucial for website success can be retrieved from Admob Analytics. With a well compiled web analysis, most can conquer the web and its advertising potential. The profits through the study of web and website trends, their analysis and site reports pave way for the success of mobile web sites. Hence it becomes more of a necessity for mobile webmasters to utilize free analytics reporting from Admob. Also Admob should make sure that its servers service the analytics data in real time without delay. With Google handling the company, delays in website statistics generation would hopefully get solved soon.

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Delay in Analytics data by Google Admob with regard to website analysis, campaign analysis and web trends.

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