Aftermath of Admob buyout by Google

Aftermath of Admob buyout by Google

The aftermath situation of Admob Mobile advertising system buyout by Google, its market effect, the reality change, the publisher experience and more. Talk on how competitive the mobile advertising is getting and who is joining the competition.

Mobile Revolution Aftermath
Mobile revolution is everyday talk. With even the UN commissioning reports of how many Toilets a country has compared to the amount of mobiles used, one can understand how mobile usage is directly affecting every individual and organizations survival structure. Mobiles are being linked to alleviation of poverty and more. Mobile Apps are simplifying lives everyday. New features are being added to the computing device, making its processing and application capabilities as high as that of a computer. A mobile TLD i.e. .mobi is already there to cater for mobile web. Everything is turning mobile and so it made sense to bring advertising to mobile. Admob did it, InMobi followed in it, Buzzcity brought in something more for the adult publishers. Adultmoda and Admoda joined the race, Weblink and ZestAds is there (maybe for wrong reasons), Mobgold is making waves, Adtwirl is in its infancy stage. Adquity (Guruji mobile Ads Platform) is taking it slow and steady and YbrantMobile is just born. MOBILE ADVERTISING IS ALREADY BIG!!

Mobile Monetization
Admob controlled the vast niche of Mobile Advertising Web, A 760 million USD buyout in stock made quite a sense for Google as it seems to have ambitious plans for Mobile. Apple iPhone and its App-store is still making news, maybe not always positive but still they tend to grab some space in the news-line. Nokia has control over an advertising network too and this space will get more hotter soon as money spending for mobile ad awareness increases. Everyday more brands enroll themselves in mobile advertising and they have found huge benefits from it. For timely manner Mobile advertising payouts have increased but not much, they are still peanuts compared to what Adsense can earn for a solid niche. Aftermath of the super sensational acquisition of Admob by Google has been considerable positive with markets expanding beyond expectations but the publisher benefit has simply declined.

Google Admob Buyout
Admob s being acquired changed many tings for its loyal publishers. Google quickly added its new set of Terms and Conditions, Fill rate decreased and processing time increased. Google has been known to be perfect in everything that it does if one ignores it tryst wit Wave and Nexus One, Google has been a champion forever since its inception. Markets respect Google and its policy i.e. DO NO EVIL , Omar Hamoui (founder of Admob) himself said in his final Admob blog addressing that that he got to learn more from Google. With market expectations riding high on Google, one always expects zero mistakes from them. Admob being a subsidiary of Google now has the same approach as Google has. While it may be a better approach the publishers have found the previous system to be better. Processing of payments which used to take only a week, has now increased officially to 10 days and unofficially to 14 days (latest wait time). Big brands are investing but the payouts are far too less. Maybe such a situation can be attributed to the acquisition aftermath increase in faith in Admob by advertisers or the rush of people to have their site published with Admob. The server response time as increased as a result causing a slow loading of monetized web pages and Advertisement SDK based applications. The situation has affected many and all who had their hopes pined on Admob. Even while Admob is still the God of Mobile Advertising, they need to keep in mind the publisher ease too. Delayed payments mean unhappy Customers especially when the second ranking InMobi advertising network pays the publisher his due on time. With Time passage, hopefully the processing time would decrease for Admob but the old publishers will forever be reminiscent of the quickness by which their payment processing s were done. The effect of past rapport may soon fade away, but a new competitive and professional connection may soon be underway.

Apple Mobile iAd
In another development Apple seems to be gearing up to add more money in its recently acquired Quattro Advertising which it plans to develop into iAds platform catering to iPhones and iPads. A minimum budget of 1 million dollar required to be spent by brands for advertising using iAds system, Mobile advertising altogether might finally see a green flag in terms of revenue generation. Wapsite monetization might just become a lucrative thing to undertake. This will in many ways be attributed as the aftermath of Admob becoming a brand entity of Internet Giant Google.

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Aftermath of admob buyout by google and its effects

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