Buzzcity Review

Buzzcity Review

A no holds barred review of BuzzCity mobile advertisement network. An article about their history, present services and phone internet publisher related policies.

This article attempts to review the services of Buzzcity mobile advertisement network and its allied sister concern interlinked white label services such as myGamma social network, Djuzz Catalogue, JAMsked Catalogue, Now-Cook Catalogue and other related merchant services. Its a review of mostly the Advertisement arm of BuzzCity Network. Even while I have been a victim of its fraudulent actions, I will try to review BuzzCity Network at my most unbiased stance.

BuzzCity was founded by Lai Kok Fung with three other entrepreneurs in Singapore, sometime in 1999. Since then BuzzCity has come a far way to leech mobile publishers and make hefty profits. Starting as BuzzCity email alerts they followed the tried-and-tested system of sending advert emails (Something which is considered SPAM these days). When the system went Kaput, they turned their attention to mobile networks and its allied consumer services. They plundered China until the regulators there realized this and cast them out of business, since then BuzzCity has been catering to rest of the world mobile networks as myGamma Mobile Ad Network in 2007.

BuzzCity realized that it could not add 100 percent inventory for its paid advertisement publishers. Taking a note of an opportunity there, BuzzCity started siphoning off mobile and even PC based traffic to its other sister concern sites (this traffic would later be resold to advertisers). The Mobile Ad Network was named as BuzzCity and myGamma was transformed into a Mobile Social Network. Since 2007 BuzzCity has been cheating publishers, by taking away their hard sought traffic and selling it in bulk to prospective advertisers.

BuzzCity is a boon for those people who are not talented enough to add a dynamic server side coding as BuzzCity is by-far the only mobile advertisement company that allows for static html coding and ad landing pages .period. If the publisher has skills to integrate Admob or InMobi code to his mobile based site then he should definitely give a miss for BuzzCity as its unwise to publish for them. Their minimum payment limit is 200 USD which is too high for a normal mobile publisher to achieve in a considerable period of time. Their support rarely replies to technical or other payment related queries. They give pennies for dollars worth of mobile traffic. With bad customer feedback, account of fraudulent stealing of publisher earning and not having user-friendly attitude or policies, one should completely shun from publishing with BuzzCity.

This review may sound biased for me being cheated by BuzzCity, but the reality is that every word written here has been truthful. BuzzCity sucks big time. Only retards would be publishing advertisements for them. Its a sad thing that there is no advertisement company out there to provide static html code for delivering advertisements. Maybe in future there will be. I too may change my review about BuzzCity in future, depending upon how much effective, profitable and publisher friendly they become (as for the recent future, I review them as SUCKERS). For this readable moment I would recommend all sane mobile publishers to stay away from BuzzCity as its indulging in fraudulent leech activities. I hope this review is helpful to new publishers.

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A review of fraudulent mobile ad publishing network called BuzzCity

Poster: Jervy
I hate BuzzCity. They took away loads of money from my publisher earnings. They pay less and their customer support sucks, it never replies to my querries. I hope they get sued for their illegal actions.

Poster: Ahmet
I stoped advertising with them long time back. They are thieves and nothing else. I will never recomend advertisement publishing with them. Their support never replies. BuzzCity is a lost cause. This review is every indication that - its high time for them to stop cheating and wrap up their business.

Poster: raveena
I am an adult publisher. I don\'t see any alternative of Buzz city for adult contents. Do you know any?
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