Buzzcity fraud mobile advertising network

Buzzcity fraud mobile advertising network

Buzzcity steals publisher traffic and uses it for its own mygamma portal. A fraud and scam mobile advertising network which cheats wap publisher from his revenue.

BuzzCity Fraud
Ever seen a murderer walk away free in the court of law, ever seen a thief being let off, compare that same rage with a mobile advertising company which cheats its publishers, which takes away their precious traffic and uses that same stolen traffic to popularize its own portal. Buzzcity is that fraud and scamming mobile advertising network. A portal based in Singapore which does not have to answer any US court regarding its backhand monopolistic policies. A bully mobile advertising platform which should be highly discouraged from any use.

Advertising Scam
I had been publishing BuzzCity Ads for more than a Year, While I had not been a big publisher in the start, but eventually I did evolve into a moderately successful publisher and this is my true experience story. For the record BuzzCity has not banned or suspended me, but yes they have cheated me with hundreds of dollars, they have stolen away my precious traffic under the guise of paying me, I have been a victim of this fraud scam mobile advertising network called BuzzCity.

Money Thief
BuzzCity has allegedly siphoned off my traffic to its own social portal called mygamma, its Mobilizer service, its Djuzz Catalogue, Now-Cook Catalogue, JAMsked Catalogue and other such white label services. The method used by BuzzCity to cloak this fraud is so unique that it completely blinds you from the truth and reality of being cheated. The smart corporate thief that BuzzCity already is, it makes you believe that you are earning tiny bits for your traffic but in reality BuzzCity makes grand use of your traffic, expands it business foothold, eats up the revenue that you were supposed to get and then shits on your face without giving a damn about what is ethical or not. Well Since am not from among the breed of folks who tolerate such attitude, this article is a fit reply and an expose of backhand scammer that BuzzCity is.

An imposter with a deceit intention BuzzCity has everything played out for its own benefit. First it provides publishers with a publishing code which is supposed to generate revenue per click. The fishy thing about this code is that 75 percent of the time it sends traffic to the directory portal of myGamma where the publisher site maybe listed or may not be listed. The crazy thing about this directory portal is that myGamma puts up its own sister-concern site links on the landing page of the directory, thus stealing away users who may get diverted to any other site. If myGamma had been doing this in USA or Europe, they would sure have laying under a pile litigation s against monopoly and unfair trade practice acts. MyGamma, Buzzcity and its other associated service portals are all trickery folks whose sole motto is make profits at the expense of innocent hard working web publishers.

As it is already known in the industry that BuzzCity provides the most pathetic payment rate per click, what was still not known was that its a network run by cheats and frauds. Everybody should now know that Buzzcity is a con.

Bad Advertiser
Every web and wap advertisement publisher who may come across this article is being cautioned against the malpractice carried by this unethical cheat deceptive thief mobile network advertiser which makes money at your expense. Beware from BuzzCity its only worth hate. If you are a publisher who already runs BuzzCity Ads, you can verify every single statement written here, you will find it true to the highest degree. Its recommended to stay away from such a unworthy community of thieves who run BuzzCity and myGamma services. Even while they may not be fake they are not worth being published for.

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Fraud mobile advertising network service called BuzzCity

Poster: Buzzcity Victim
Buzzcity Indeed cheats, they cheated me for 1000 clicks. They diverted all my traffic to their social network. They should be sued for the fraud that they are. I thought only I was the victim, but it seems many are.

Poster: Hate Buzzcity
I always knew that buzzcity was a useless network. They never cared for their publishers, am glad to see them exposed now. Their advertising platform sucks. Buzzcity Sucks. Hope people realise the truth about Buzzcity and stop publishing with them.

Poster: Publisher
Its easy to say don\'t publish with them. Bt who should we use? You people just say admob, sucks, inmobi sucks, buzzcity sucks. Look at reality they all suck.

Poster: Admin
Millennial Media can be trusted. There are loads of other mobile advertising and publishing networks. Admob is good btw, we never said that it sucked.

Poster: Mobile Advert
If you have guts post all my views in ur site.. if you dont have.. then u go anf hang urself.. u r a coward

Poster: arvids
Not only the low ad rate and traffic sent to mygamma. As a small publisher i\'ve got to 60$ limit and their started to reduce my publisher earnings, REDUCE. After contacting their staff no answer was given. Stay away from this!

Poster: old publisher
don\'t use this network, they are the biggest thifs i have ever seen , they blocked my account for no reason , every time i contact with them they don\'t response back , be a ware
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