Cheat fake fraud Admob clicks

Cheat fake fraud Admob clicks

Cheating and faking Admob mobile advertising system, earning extra money illegally. Fraud clicking on advertisement links.

Admob Mobile Advertisement Network
Admob, a leader in mobile advertisement publishing is also one of the most highly reputed mobile advertising network. Given the fact that an internet giant like Google was keen in buying Admob speaks volumes about the company position and its market potential. Coming from a reputed entrepreneur stable and moving into a more reputed company Admob carries with itself the huge burden of proving its effective worth in mobile advertising and it dually proves itself to be the best in its own category.

Cheat Fake Fraud in Advertising
Just like every other advertising network, Admob is plagued with a lot of cheat, fake and fraud click problems. Application developers and Mobile Site Publishers always try to get the most out of the advertisement network. These advertisement publishers try their level best to post an ad in a section where there is a very high possibility or an extremely high chance that the visitor will click and the ad publisher will then immediately earn cash from the click. It may not break any advertisement rules but it will definitely be a consciousness fraud. However such an act is not exactly the main problem , there looms an even larger problem of cheating the publisher network by fraudulent clicking on the advertisement links.

Fraudulent Advertisement Clicking
Faking the advertisement clicks or rather said fraudulent advertisement clicking is a big problem with every advertising network especially the pay to click networks such as Doubleclick, Admob, Buzzcity, InMobi, Adsense and many more major advertisement networks. Admob usually publishes ads for mobile phones specifically but since lately the divide between mobile web and the main internet is getting smaller and hence there has been advertisements catering even for desktop users. The click fraudsters can be categorized in three types basically.

1) The Stupid Fraudulent Clicker
2) The Intelligent Fraudulent Clicker
3) The Evil Fraudulent Clicker

Stupid Fraudulent Clicker
They are the ones who get excited every time a penny is added in their ad publisher earning account. In order to further increase the booty these publishers start faking clicks. They usually keep a notion that the advertisement agency would never get to know their action of clicking advertisements showing in their sites. Most of the time these are the people who take some * free to use script * and push ad code in it. Their actions rarely earn them anything and most of the time they end up getting banned by the advertisement network.

Clever Fraudulent Clicker
The clever fraudulent clicker type never leaves a trace of is fraudulent clicks, he makes use of user agent switcher to fake hits and make fake clicks. Since it is possible to have more than one device connected to the internet via same ip, this type of fraud goes unnoticed many a times. Given the fact that thousands of mobile devices may be connected via same ip, the cheat becomes difficult to discover. More cleaver fake clicker uses proxies to further conceal himself. alas! Their frauds are detected when their CTR exceeds the given industry standard. Many advertisement networks are equipped with an automatic fraud detect system and publisher sites then get auto banned by the system.

Evil Fraud Fake Clicking
These consist of the clever lot who know how to fake advertisement clicks, they do not wish to earn anything out of it but rather want others not to earn anything from advertisement publishing. They target an individual or a group project and give lots of fake hits, pushing very high CTR and ultimately having the advertiser banned. Many a times even few 10 fake advertisement clicks are enough to drive up CTR levels to an extreme as CTR is measured comparing clicks with impressions served. For 10000 impressions clicks maybe 30-40,but if a fraud clicker ads just 10 more clicks then entire publishing campaign goes red, the publisher end up loosing all the money. A serious problem which cannot be taken care of easily in this era of mobile web.

Precaution is better than cure hence its better to know all this stuff before trying to fake hits or clicks or before getting victimized by a third person fake clicking. Cheating and faking Admob mobile advertising system or any other ad network, earning extra money illegally is not a good thing to do.

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Cheating and faking Admob mobile advertising system with fraudulent clicks.

Poster: Admob rocks
I always hated people who cheat in order to earn money. Admob is one highly respectable mobile network, its good that it bans publishers who do fake clicking. I have seen many sites with admob ad popups, those should be shut down immediately.
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