Effective analysis and detailed examination of InMobi Mobile Advertising network

Effective analysis and detailed examination of InMobi Mobile Advertising network

Truth expose via effective analysis on fraudulent mobile advertiser and publisher network called InMobi. Detailed explanation about its money gobbling actions and pathetic support service.

Admob started the revolution and lot many startups piggy rode on its tremendous success, a phenomenal change that it brought to this ever evolving mobile advertising network. Inmobi is one such network that tried to imitate Admob in terms of success, but alas! Every other pose cannot be an Admob. The standards adhered by Admob can never be matched by fraudulent mobile advertising networks like Inmobi. This article will reign in effective analysis of the entire InMobi publisher and advertiser network and alongside with it, this detailed examination will reflect the true standards of this mobile publisher network.

If you are a prospective mobile web publisher then you are highly recommended NOT to use InMobi for monetizing your mobile site or mobile traffic. InMobi is highly unprofessional and literally sucks the profit out from the publishers kitty. The following points will highlight apathy of InMobi in terms of payment, service and deliverability quotient.

Low Payments:
InMobi usually showcases itself as a high yield i.e. high paying mobile ad network that follows basic industry standards of 60 percent revenue to publisher and 40 percent to advertising network. Do not be fooled by such a boast. Inmobi payments are the lowest among its competition. Its per click pay system is as bad as that of BuzzCity. InMobi pays peanuts in comparison to other mobile network payouts. If you compare InMobi with Google Mobile Ads then Per Click payment of InMobi would be just 10 percent or even less against that of Google Mobile Ads. It pays less than 1 cent for a click originating from United States of America (a genuine mobile user click who is subscriber of mobile networks in USA). To make it worse, during the payout date, the blokes at InMobi Accounts department make sure to provide the minimum dollar conversion rates (this is the tragic situation faced by Indian Mobile Web Publishers) and on top of that they even deduct service tax, thus making Indian publishers loose most of their earnings. This company was funded with seed capital from Mumbai Angels (an entrepreneurship supportive group), and yet they continue to discriminate with their loyal Indian publishers. For publishers based outside India, the story is even grimmer. InMobi literally dictates payment terms and slaps service fee.

Pathetic Support Service:
The ones who joined InMobi in its starting days have already left it and what is left in the company is de-motivating, rude faced support executives who do not give a damn about a publishers need or an advertisers grievance. What is only important to them is making loads of money and sadly they are continuing to do so. If you send a support ticket today, you will most probably receive a reply after 2 weeks (sarcastically - very professional of them). Sometimes they will send you just one automated mail response for 5-6 mails sent to them. The support folks do everything other than support. If you are not believing this point then you can check their FaceBook fan page, you will find loads of people complaining against the cheat and unprofessional tactics used by them to gobble up publisher money. You may at times even find advertisers asking for a refund but not getting one. Sadly though the page admin deletes all old complaining wall posts and tries to showcase InMobi as a do-good mobile publisher and advertiser network.

If you are an advertiser and wishes to advertise with InMobi then just go through this detailed analysis and explanation once before and after you advertise with them. During the advertisement campaign make sure to track the effective usability of their advertisement, see if it is really worth the effort and money. If you feel that they did not deliver upto their target then ask for a refund. You will be amazed to see yourself shooting off 100s of emails to redeem your money but will fail to get anything back. The people at InMobi only want to make a quick buck for themselves, it does not matter about who becomes the victim, it is just them that want to make profits.

For publishers it is a prim story throughout the end. You can hardly do anything other than curse those people who recommended you to get into a partnership with InMobi, most probably it might have been good-for-nothing high grade pass outs of good schools who would be recommending you to be a publishers with InMobi (p.s. These folks themselves do not know squat about mobile web). Do not be fooled by the presentation of InMobi. The truth is that their publisher system is pathetic. You cannot even track your reports properly, forget about proper geo tracking, they only let you do region wise tracking for Asia, Africa, Middle East, Europe, North America, South America and Australia (includes Asia Pacific). You will never be able to find if whether there were higher clicks from Philippines or Indonesia, similarly you cannot differentiate between the clicks from South Africa and Nigeria. InMobi is a helpless technologically backward network that follows the only motive of milking money from advertiser as well as publisher!

If you already are a publisher and advertiser, then it is high time for you to re-examine the sanity of being associated with such a fraudulent network. The choice in the end is only yours. At this point I would like to certify that I had been a publisher with InMobi before, but never again am I going to associate with them. They ate up my publisher earnings, they gave me stupid automated replies and they have made merry for my hard work. I will be happy to bring litigation upon them someday when I get enough time, for the time-being I am only letting people know about this network. You continue to ignore this analytical information (detailed examination) and continue to work for InMobi, but in the end you are only going to end up feeling used and abused.

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The true ugly face of fraudulent mobile advertising network called InMobi

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