Inmobi Recent Reviews

Inmobi Recent Reviews

Reviews of India based mobile advertising company InMobi. Unbiased outlook of the advertising and publishing system through the point of view of Marketing, Advertising and Publishing. Guide for mobile advertisers and publishers.

Of late, some talk was made about InMobi here regarding banning a string of mobile site publishers, time has passed and we have since moved on. This portal does not have any InMobi ads at-least for now but the reviews about InMobi have been collected from various Mobile publishers and small scale advertisers who are the best people to ask for a networks effectiveness. The data was informally collected through publishers who were banned by InMobi and also from the publishers who have turned into strong supporters of the Ad Network. Not everybody hates InMobi after-all it seems.

Publishing Review
A mobile advertising portal is only as good as the amount of publishers it has listed to showcase its ads. The higher the number of publishers the higher demand for the network from advertisers. InMobi does really well on that front. Being the second best in Mobile Advertising, it does have a huge list of publishers who publish their ads. Even after all the negative publicity, InMobi ads are still found on may mobile based sites and since the ad code in iPhone and Android App cannot be so easily changed, InMobi kind of enjoys a comfortable position in the market. Publishers are not ready to dump InMobi, this is a very healthy sign. The industry backlash maybe there but not in enough percentage to cause a serious effect. Overall InMobi does get the benefit of its past karma in the industry and so we will not degrade its reviews for this section. Lets say that the review with publisher listing and control is diplomatically neutral.

Advertisers Review
Advertisers are like oxygen for Advertising Networks and InMobi does have a considerable number of big advertisers to its credit. Big brands means big bucks. One may fudge financial data, but the advertisements from InMobi speak volumes about its Industry position, attitude and branding. InMobi definitely is a killer start-up and they have proved themselves until now. Big organizations may not loose faith in InMobi too soon, what matters for now is the adaptability of the network which will be discussed in the following paragraphs. On an ending note to this paragraph, InMobi reviews for Advertisers registered is Good.

Technical Review
InMobi dashboard just does not appeal to usability aesthetics. Its reviews in this paragraph are going to be bad. One look at their control dashboard and you are bound to feel let down. Also the comparison system kinda sucks, so does its various other functions of recalling ad history and more. InMobi needs more internal development rather than external ones. They should take a clue from Admob s easy to use dashboard, its effectiveness and usability too. History of ad-serving seems to be a privilege only for their staff, this system needs to change as one cannot gauge their historical performance easily. InMobi serves ads only for mobile traffic, which maybe great for specific mobile targeted advertisements but its not good for a wide base advertiser. Admob has started harnessing web traffic, traffic from smart phone and various other mobility devices. People from PC can access mobile sites, their traffic is not something worthless, InMobi would do better if they are more liberal in ad serving. Sticking around with plain mobile traffic will be more difficult wit passage of time as Mozilla or equally powerful browser source code is being used in all the new phone browsers. With the phone capabilities increasing everyday in terms of hardware and software,it will be more and more difficult to trace for pure mobile traffic. In terms of industry adaptability InMobi would be rated negatively. There are enough reasons for a bad review.

Industry Review
InMobi s Industry Interaction is something of a concern, they sometimes do not know about what they are doing. Few months back they sent off an email asking publishers to instruct search engine robots to not archive or index the pages wherein InMobi ads are displayed. InMobi s this bizarre advice led publishers loose the goodness of search engines organic traffic, while they were able to contain and solve problem from their end with respect to search engine robots their responsive and technical skills get questioned. While the problem of archiving pages is not anymore present, one still needs to think twice before approaching their technical department. InMobi s act of registering shows that they are in many ways afraid of industry response, reviews and criticism, which is not an ideal mentality. Hoping that InMobi will be more liberal in future and take industry criticism in a positive manner.

Final Review
Finally, InMobi is not such a bad Mobile Advertisement Publisher portal, they are new in the business and hopefully will perform better in the future. This is all that we present as recent review of InMobi. We sincerely hope that InMobi does better its record. Banned publishers did give Inmobi a bad name, but bad publishers can never be a good guide. This neutral review is presented in hopes that it best helps a webmaster pick up a network for Advertising or Publishing.

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