KissMyAds New Mobile Affiliate Based Advertising company

KissMyAds New Mobile Affiliate Based Advertising company

A better mobile affiliate based advertising and publishing system. A great marketing portal to increase revenue from wapsite.

A new mobile affiliate based Advertising System has started making waves across the mobile web. Known as KissMyAds which when said with a pause would turn out as Kiss My Ads. The company literally intends to make people touch and experience their Well designed and effective Affiliate Marketing System.

First look at KissMyAds and you will fall in love with their super sexy frontpage which will immediately catch your attention. While recently we did witness launch of numerous mobile affiliate systems, none of them had the beauty consciousness in their mind. Well since its not just about the looks but also about the navigation system. KissMyAds wins in this particular evaluation.

Being a new Mobile Affiliate Network, KissMyAds may not have much of an inventory to go with for a global audience but yet still it rules the roost in terms of its dashboard and campaign manager analytics. Technically sound mobile affiliate system, KissMyAds has a long way to go. The affiliate partner / publisher system is so very easy to use that in some factors it does makes one feel like interacting with a market lade, rather than a new market entrant. The publisher system is unique, easy and very promising.

While there are numerous mobile PPC i.e.Pay Per Click Advertisement Networks Out there, there is dearth of good enough Mobile Affiliate Based networks. Since Site Monetization is of extreme importance for a mobile web publisher, KissMyAds forms as the perfect system to publish and earn from wapsites.

For all the mobile web based publishers out there, KissMyAds is an easy to use, user friendly, quite responsive mobile affiliate advertising and publishing network. Join it, as it allows you to earn more via its membership based affiliation system.

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KissMyAds New Mobile Affiliate Based Advertising company

Poster: Adam
Kiss my ads are great people. The only problem with them is that they have very low inventory. They do not have enough mobile affiliate offers for people outside germany. However their advertising and publishing system looked easy and cool.

Poster: John
I don\'t know why my earnings are dropping drastically. I earn a total of 290€ and when I woke up this morning, my earning is down to 288€. Worse is whenever I got conversion today, it doesn\'t add to my earnings. This irritates me! Anyone having the problem like mine?
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