MobGold Mobile Advertising Network Review

MobGold Mobile Advertising Network Review

A standard report and review of a fake and bogus mobile advertising network called MobGold. Facts about network performance, standards, advertising inventory and money per ad click reality.

After Admobs Global success of unprecedented level, many new mobile advertising systems were set up in order to cater to the mass mobile mania i.e. the ever increasing number of mobile internet users in the world. This hysteria lead to setting up a lot of mobile ad inventory selling companies. However, not all were standardized and many were even bogus. One such bogus company is MobGold.

Set up in HongKong China, the mobile advertising portal made a splash across the web with its own executives posting fake reviews. Usually these executives register an account in forums and then try to evaluate their standards by notifying other users about their usage of MobGold services along side that of Admob. The modus operandi of this executive class was to deprecate the value of competitive mobile ad networks like inMobi, Smatoo, Millennial Media etc while elevating and appreciating MobGold services as end user i.e. regular mobile web developer. Few of the fake profiles created by these folks were Lee_Damien, Damien_Canz, Hector, Hectoth etc.

Ignoring the fake profile, fake review and fake posting scandal purported by MobGold, let us look into it product delivery. MobGold fails to live up to any minimum expectation in this segment too. Firstly they do not publish the amount of clicks which a user sends to them, this makes it look very dubious considering that, if the click number is not revealed then how would a publisher be able to gauge performance of this network?

In order to check the exact amount of payment which MobGold gives on an average per click, we requested three people in three different countries i.e. USA, Romania and India to click once and report the action within the same hour in the same day. All three clicks were successful, available inventory was utilized thrice. Later we waited for the earning reports to develop, and then we had a big surprise. MobGold paid only 0.01 USD i.e. 1 cent for cumulative three clicks. This essentially puts the PPC (pay per click rate) to 0.0033 which is a third of a cent.

We discontinued with MobGold usage then and there itself, as there was no point in feeding this company our precious traffic. MobGold did fleece our money but it was not so much to be considered about but then we saw people making genuine posts in forum that MobGold fleeced them their due 1000 USD or more. The highest act of fraudulence that MobGold committed yet was stealing a publisher of his due 2300 USD. We here are not exaggerating the numbers; these are just the numbers that were voluntarily reported by mobile web publishers in various forums.

MobGold happens to be the second mobile Advertising network originating from China that we are black-listing for our users. While Chinese entrepreneurs are setting up astounding landmarks in the web fraternity, few bad companies like BuzzCity and MobGold are ruining it all. It seems greed is a common factor in developing world. If you wish to use their network to earn money, then think twice after reading this review.

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A fraudulent advertising company that takes away money from publishers by hijacking free traffic from mobile site owners and directing it to its own portals.

Poster: Adnan Hamid
I was a publisher with these chinese. They said that they will pay me my 1000 dollars but then they denied paying me and were only ready to pay me 100 dollars

Poster: Yohan
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