MobPartner affiliate mobile network review

MobPartner affiliate mobile network review

A review of mobile based affiliate marketing network called MobPartner. Facts and realities of the network operations and payment systems. Ways in which the network cheats mobile web publishers.

While writing this review for the mobile based affiliate marketing network called MobPartner, we accept the fact that MobPartner cheated us personally against payment for TextnDate campaign. We also accept that the current review of MobPartner is biased based upon the fraud Green Card lottery promotion reality, but we will be posting only the truth aboutthis networks activities, This review will bring to light all the fraudulent, misleading, duping and scaming tactics that MobPartner affiliate mobile network employs in order to make money and loot the mobile publisher.

There are only two worthwhile money making campaigns at Mobpartner, the first being AbPhone and the other being AbGirls. Both these campaigns are based upon collection of data related to mobile web user trends. Each campaign pays paltry 0.06 USD per usage of end user second time. Due to minimal conditions being set to make money via these campaigns, MobPartner turns out to be quite a money churner, but the reality is far different from this. MobPartner start campaigns i.e. AbPhone and AbGirls both require verification by MobPartner team which does research and selects if whether a mobile web publisher is stupid enough to be made a scapegoat.

MobPartner features mainly three types of promotional affiliate systems i.e. CPL (Cost per Lead) , CPD ( Cost per Dowload) and CPA (Cost per Subscription / Affiliation). Out of the three monetization systems the CPL system is the one wherein MobPartner makes a big fool out of mobile publishers. Irrespective of a lead being generated, it is unto the management authorities of MobPartner if whether to pay the publisher or not. As a result, most of the time MobPartner ends up denying the necessary payment. Citing their credit based system as a reason, MobPartner simply blocks the transaction and does not pay the just and rightful payment to publisher. MobPartner has thus transformed itself into a hateful network for publishers around the world. There would hardly be any old mobile web publisher who will not give a bad review about MobPartner owning to their such attitude.

MobPartner is a new mobile affiliate network and hence in need for expansion. Hence it usually sets up its booth in most Ad tech promotional events where it strives hard to generate funds. If you are a seed fund provider and have no idea about MobPartner then you are requested to have a look at MobPartner fraudulent action before deciding to fund the unethical, irresponsible actions of MobPartner. The people at the helm of MobPartner, have no humanity in them and are the most rude people to interact with. The network as a whole can be reviewed to be a junk one with loads of junk affiliate promotions.

The amount of bad karma that MobPartner has generated in recent time hardly equals with that of any network. MobPartner has cheated and denied innocent mobile web publishers their due payment. MobPartner continues to fool mobile web publishers as people tend to ignore such reviews related to it. If you are a mobile web publisher and have not been approved for MobPartner AbPhone or AbGirls campaign then its best to stay clear of this mobile affiliate network. MobPartner is a greedy network and it is a loss on our end if we give it any promotional space to grow. This review about MobPartner has been true till the latest emergence of events. It is requested of the mobile web publishers to do a little investigation of their own before believe us. We guarantee that the rest of mobile web would be saying the same thing about MobPartner.

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Review and true talk about the ways in which MobPartner mobile affiliate network cheats and dupes mobile web publishers. Facts about the promotional system employed by MobPartner a

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First write a review about ur site. Then you can write review about others.. First clean ur back and u can clean others back.

Poster: DarkWap Admin
There is nothing to be written about this place. I have merely put up truths for greater good. DarkWap does not enlist any activities other than blogging, it will be foolish to tag it as scam.

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But I trust Mobpartner.I have this gut that Mobpartner isn\'t a scam program,besides,they got a good review from its users(what I see on Google)
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